!!! Set Sexual Love Free !!!

Sexy Sisters, brothers! How goes your dance of life on the big green carpet of Tantra? Today IS the dawn to dark for permission, AND, could even be an EYE OPENER for some of you! BUT, I'll be as delicately precise in the process of this sermon, AS I POSSIBLY CAN! If you AND/OR your partner have more than one lovaaaa, this gives you the opportunity, AND, a fighting chance to do A LOT of emotional processing, like PRONTO!!! Have you read any of Osho's books? This IS why he encourages his sanyassins to have many admiring paramours! What the hell are sanyassins you ask? Well, the best way for me to explain who they are, isssssss? From my personal seasoned junctures of life; I can hone

What Do You Think?

Shalom you sexy, qualified for making ingenious turnovers in your life kinda lovaaaasss! Well, if you’re NOT a creator of anything at all, STAY PUT, because you CAN shift that today grasshoppers! The 21st century IS to creative thinkers, what the industrial revolution was to factory workers. This is a world where information IS superabundant, unique and visionary ideas are hot ticket advantages; not just for personal and professional leeway's, BUT, (you knew it was comin!) to heal and balance the F****** world! More and more people are finding enhanced ways to parent, make money, find friends, and generally live well by relying on creativity, no? I surely hope so! The demand for crea

Sexy Singapore Squeeze

Psst! How are you petitioners for all things pleasurable!!! Is it true that most of us THINK we know how to have a sexy screw? There’s not much to figuring it out right? Lingam goes into Yoni, Lingam comes back out to catch his breath, repeats a few more times, THEN (with any hope at all) a climax is born! Like not!!! This is the farthest thing from the truth that I've ever written to date my sexy spirits! I wanna get technical today by fillin ya all in on a Female matter of know how you’ve probably never heard of before. AND, for you Sisters out there who master this? You'll get to strut away armed with ROBUST sexual skill sets, AND, an even stronger Yoni than you ever thought poss

Open Your Trap

What's happening out there? Tell me something will ya. AND, I hope it's what I wanna hear! When was your last time? You know, that time when you were on vacation and you left your room to cruise on down to the pool; THEN, ran into some under the breath snickering goin on from the guests who slept next door to ya, listening to your wailing, erotic eruptions when you were having a sexy screw all night long! Can't remember? Sisters, brothers, shame on you; that's the wrong answer! Today I'm giving you all the stamp of approval to holler, hum a tune, re-sight a passionate poem or narrate a sultry, steamy story the next time, AND, every damn time you jump into the sacred sac of all sacs!

Soulmate Sex

WARNING: This week's article is prolonged and rooted! Greetings grasshoppers! May I throw ya query today? How many categories of comrades have you latched onto in your life? Ya, I know; million dollar Q and A for sure. It could be that you can count them all on one hand. Whatever the case, there's no two ways about it; because we all run into numerous brands of cozy human acquaintances, BUT, (as usual) you must know; the most potent one of all IS the one that transpires when we find our SEXUAL soulmate! Listen, if you learn to loop yourself into the wave of human sexual energy; it’s easy to know when you've stumbled across THE ONE who IS from the same sexy soul family as you are.

The Yoniverse

Hola, hola lovelies! How are you all anyway? Still staying steadfast on that path to enlightenment are ya? How in Goddesses name do you really cultivate this refined place of existence anyhow? AND, where the hell do I find it you're asking? Well, if you must know, it's in "The Yoniverse" of course! Yepper peppers, you read me right. TRUE wisdom IS found in that miraculous Female cavern of ALL caverns! AND, that's why all you cave men out there hunger for the SHARP healing powers of HER immaculate abode! You don't know why consciously, BUT (it was bound to happen), you always wanna plant that lingam right where it's safe, soft and secure inside your partners Yoni, don't ya? Don't lie

Medicine Box

How the heck are you all out there anyway? Say, when was the last time you were sick lovelies? AND, what did you do about it? See your Doctor and have them prescribe you something? Did it treat the issue or only band-aide the surface? Today's ordinate tonic is a homemade tasty brew served up by MOI of course! It's readily available anytime as a restorative remedy, for any unsexy syndrome! That is, if you have access to the life blood of the Female. Mmmm. . . my favorite part of the discussion up to the moment unquestionably! The Amrita (Female sexy serum) is extremely nutritious to us both physically as well as spiritually. That shits impregnated with energy to rejuvenate our tir

Sexy Ass Sneeze

Love, Love, Loveaaaaasssss!!! How are you all this week? Had an up to snuff sneezer lately? No? Well you might just wanna grind up that fresh organic black pepper because there ARE several tidbits of evidence suggesting that sneezing IS orgasmic due to the out of the blue release of pressure after a build up! It has ALSO been linked to the releasing of endorphin's in the brain; all of which amounts to that feels sooooo damn good reaction! Listen, your schnoz additionally contains erectile tissue, capable of stiffening with blood. So basically; it has what it takes for a snout erectile engorgement!! Lmao, Jesus!!!! Soooo for example, during sexual arousal, sexual erectile tissue in

Easter or Ishtar?

Hey there people! It's a big day today lovelies, and we MUST, for reasons of opening space in our beaner, debunk Christianity and Easter as just another example of an ancient myth. The case goes like this grasshoppers, AND, I'm just (as usual) givin ya another outlet to further explore the real conceptions for this transaction of life with the Feminine. Christianity has so much in common with other ancient illusions, so how the F**** can we take Christianity seriously anyway? This is STILL all about the Divine Feminine! I wanna make a few claims against the capital C BULLSHIT! Clue in here my tribe, to a few ancient truths about Assyrian and a Babylonian Goddess, called Ishtar. Fir

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