Erotic Dance of Life

Hola lovelies! Have you shown up to any aweeee inspiring sexy samba's lately? Well, today you have a date with MOI! EVERYDAY we need to just GET DOWN on the dance floor, AND, free stride ourselves through life's sexy journey, no? I'm takin the lead here today people, SOOOO just follow my tracks! We need to stay aroused during this whimsical waltz of ours, PAY ATTENTION to our musing minds in every moment. Take an ENTIRE peek at our individuality on the grand stage of this Divine comedy (which IS what it is). Haul your dance asses out into the rain grasshoppers! Be amazed when sounds come out of our teasing traps, and wait and see other Sisters and brothers breeze in to understand ou

Sanctified Sexy Slut

Sisters, brothers! Today I wanna shed the light; the only light that matters in this lifestyle of the Feminine that is. There IS a polished lining in the Sacred Prostitute that penetrates into the heart of this darkness on our dreary planet! She's the consecrated Priestess, of HER Temple, she's Spiritually receptive to the Feminine power flowing through from her Goddess, AND, at the same time? She's joyously aware of the beauty and passion in her own human body of course! The idea of a Sanctified Sexy Slut, IS (in today's F****** up society) almost entirely incomprehensible to the pee wee modern imagination! Yet, Sacred Prostitution involves Women having sex (the Sacred union) as an a

Sow The Feminine

Hey lovelies! I want those of you out there who have daughters to think back will ya; to when that conception actually took place. Did ya have a quickie with your partner, OR, was the nookie networking eternal, til ya saw the cows come home? Even though there DOES NOT seem to be a very scientific explanation for this, BUT (had to do it), statistics show that having the sacred union in a SLOWWWWW more romantic meditative atmosphere, with the added elements of candlelight and sexy slothful music WILL actually increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby Goddess! AND? All new couples on this wandering sexy star hoping to have children, should DEFINITELY be committing themselves to SOW THE

Conscious Conception

Hey all you vigilant humans beings out there! Tell me something will ya! Does it ever seem to you, as each new generation unfolds; that wiser more prudent sanity is being sharpened with each spawning of new human life? It's not a seemingly phenomenon my tribe! Let me tell ya this, that expansion for the human consciousness WILL evolve at an even ACCELERATED sexy stride WHEN lovemaking with the Tantric (Feminine) rhythm is in play. Listen up grasshoppers! Conscious conception IS gonna alter the human race once and for all! That is? IF the practice, AND, information IS delivered to the next generation on this (HOPEFULLY SOON) passionate planet of ours! When it comes to that consecrate

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