Sexy Seduction Of Hallows' Eve

Hello my lovelies! Today, I'm taking a break from the seriousness of my normal scribbles to share a sexy Halloween fantasy tale of mine; just to spur your sexy asses into gear for the big event! I tried to keep it short, LOL!! This brief saga was inspired by the mysterious, mystical Lake Cote in Costa Rica; where I visited one Halloween while living in the arms of paradise. Just to spook the shit out of myself; I planned a venture to travel up to the eerie lagoon type, fresh water lake with my tent to camp for 3 witching hours during Hallows' eve, which BTW, has 3 full pumpkins nights because of longitude and latitude of that country! If I remember correctly; it was the year of 2006 in

Feminine/Masculine Sexual Synchronicity

Hi you horny handful! GUYS! How's your LOVE, LOVE, LOVING measure up, AND, where's YOUR sexual standing point at this time? Today I wanna tell you brothers out there, that through PRACTICE, you WILL grow notch by node into the fullness of free consciousness, SERVING your Regent Ruler with the masculine force of LOVE, LOVE LOVE! When She's lost in Her mood or feeling abandoned, the HE in you MUST call Her back to present, with horny humour and playful passion, AND unseal Her heart with your pervading and uncompromising masculine LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Women as well MUST gain their footings trail by tread, into the fullness of the dancing energy of their flaming fervor; delivering to Her s

International Female Farmers Day

Sisters, brothers, listen up today! I wanna remind you all (if you don't have a clue already) of the yearly International Female Farmers Day on the 15th of this month (Sunday) in Africa. It’s (better be) CLEARER than ever, that WE need to highlight this critical role that our Sisters play in DRIVING prosperity in not only that country, BUT, THE WHOLE F****** WORLD!!!! We also need to recognize that much needs to be done to assist smallholder Women agriculturalists not just in Africa, BUT (as if you didn't know it was coming) GLOBALLY, in overcoming the multiple stumbling blocks they face, right here and now! Listen, rural Ladies (not just focusing on Africa) have to juggle numerous agr

?? Secret Female Turn Ons ??

Hey you sexy bunch of bouncing blissful believers in LOVE DRUGS! Would you see eye to eye by me saying that Sex IS the most intimate TURN ON IN LIFE that you'll ever experience? To my surprise, that was an eagle eye opener for me; having come of sexual age in the late 70’s and all. I think that somewhere in the age of free LOVE, LOVE LOVE, sex, drugs, and Jon Anderson, the connection between sex and intimate turn ons was lost. Many of us think that we can just have sex and not have it affect us right? OR, we think that it shouldn’t affect us no? Think again people; IT SURE AS HELL DOES! When you're sexual with someone, your energy stays intertwined with theirs for two F****** years

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