Spiritual Conception

Hey, hey, hey you shifting souls! How's all things for ya's anyway? As usual today I have a deep doozy scripted revelation! Tell me, do ya ever question how you became who you are, Sexually, OR, otherwise that is? I mean seriously here, what lies deep within your DNA that has catalyzed your whole Goddess damn identity? I have recently unearthed SHOCKING accouterments of what disavowal desire, unwillingness to having Sex, BUT, (to start things movin down the page) you do "IT" anyway, UNLOVING benevolence, pathetic mental visualization, one night stands, dirty deceitful pool games, rushed frequencies, hard core F****, AND, a whole mirad of other SERIOUS vibrations that IMPACT the creation

Comatose Orgasms

Hi all! How's IT goin? I gotta tell ya, this outstanding world of the Internet has recently become CAPTIVATED with a NEW phenomenon known as Erotic hypnosis. Why? Well, because we'll (with hope) NEVER tire in our human quest to hack our Orgasms that's why! Nor should we!!! So just what the hell ISSSSS Erotic hypnosis anyway? It's a kinda guided meditation with INTENTIONS to relax, AND, turn you on SOOOOOO much, that you CAN Orgasm with no touching at all! Does this sound unachievable? You must know it's NOT grasshoppers!!!! This IS basically the ol' copy cat method of STREAMING THE ANCIENT PRACTICES of Taoism in modern digital times! Look, despite how tactile, AND, corporeal Sex IS

The Great Wall of Yoni

Hey all you Yoni Worshipers! I gotta say, that this F****IN awesome guy Jamie McCartney IS my kinda man let me tell ya! He's a sculptor and Plaster caster from Brighton, UK, who HAS spent YEARS making, AND, arranging 400 plaster of Paris depictions of YONI'S to create what he called ‘The Great Wall of Vagina’. BUT, (as you well know) we MUST use the Sanskrit phrase "Yoni" to replace the clinical terminology, right? Tee hee, you gotta know that this dude committed his duty of charm to have convinced such a large number of Sister's to ditch off their britches just for him! So, where the hell did this idea actually come from anyway? Well, along time ago he was commissioned by an Erstwhile

Signatures of Sexuality

Hiya! Well, did ya miss me at all this past week? Ya you did, I felt it DEEP down inside on my cellular level! At long last, my computer was admitted to the HOSPITAL for an upgrade operation. That sucker traveled with me to Costa Rica, AND, back for almost 15 years on the same system. DINOSAUR BONES!!!! When I received a notification from my hosting website that publishing AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN; I woke the hell up to my ahaaaaa moment that there's a serious F***IN upgrade that needed to go on!!!! I've got my Sexy computer shit together for another who knows how long before technology FORCES me to shift again! When I ask the Doctor about my patient, he said he was shocked it had survived

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