The Right To Be Feminine

Hey there people! I just wanna apologize for last weeks article of spelling boo boo's LOL!!!! I re-read it after I got back from the gym Friday morning, AND, was annoyed that I sent it out forgettin to re-edit the final draft. Urghhhhh!!!! I usually do a re-read, BUT, (it slipped my right brain). Must 'ave been in a Goddess damn dash to sweat my pheromones over this particular Sexy Yogi hippy I've been salivating over at the gym; anyway, I'm sure you caught them all! MY BAD! Speakin of the bright side of your beaners grasshoppers? I'm throwin it out there again by sayin it's Feminine dontcha know, OR, for better use? Well, that which ISSSS cleverly creative, exquisitely delicate,

Gaia's Sex Chakra

Hark you Sacred (new Dakini word of the day) EVOLUTIONISTIC grasshoppers! Get your seafaring plans in place NOW Lovaaaaas! Why? Because it's time to globe trot to Lake Titicaca, on the border of Peru and Bolivia to connect with the Womb of Mother Earth this coming February 2020. For what F***IN reason? Daaaaaa!!! To EXPAND COLLECTIVELY the power, AND, Love, Love, Love that rests FIRST HAND in this portal on our Planet that's why!!!!! Just like us people, Mother Earth HAS Chakras. The (Sex) Sacral Chakra, AND, Womb of The Planetary Procreatrix has been inaugurated to the basin of Titicaca!!!!! Sister's, brother's, this ISSSSSS the place to wind up at next year BECAUSE over the last 7 calendar

Puja Performed Properly

Hiya! Feeling the shift of the human evolutionary consciousness awakening? I can only HOPE so, AND, within this activation of blossoming new Rituals? One of the most beautiful, AND, profound Tantric Statute ISSSSSS The Yoni Puja! Puja you say; well Puja means Worship, AND, we all know who Yoni is! Oh ya, you're certain you get it right? You know alllllllll about Yoni Worshiping hmmmm brother's? Wrong, MOST OF YOU'S DON'T KNOW SHIT!!!! All you know is the perverted, AND, raped version, NOT, it's true meaning, AND, your SOON TO BE practice!!!! It has squat to do with goin down and eating out your Lovelies' Lily either! Although that IS fantastically fine, deliciously dandy, AND, has

The Notorious Nipple

Hey you lusty gathering! Listen, I just gotta say that last week's Halloween Horny handwriting assignments WERE HOT!!!!! All you Sexy asses out there who WERE good sports at sending some electrifying endings back to me, I graded with A's for AROUSING accomplishments! Got my Yoni pulsating that's for sure! Too bad Sex chalk talks weren't like that back in the days of elementary schools huh? We WOULD be ALL better Love, Love, Loveaaaaaas that's a given; which IS why I'm here people, TO GET YOU'S ALL CAUGHT UP FOR LOST TIME!!!! Maybe, PARTICULARLY FOR YOU GODDESSES out there, your Sex drills might NOT have covered everything your body is capable of right? From the Moon Cycle to mixing b

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