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Open Your Trap

What's happening out there? Tell me something will ya. AND, I hope it's what I wanna hear! When was your last time? You know, that time when you were on vacation and you left your room to cruise on down to the pool; THEN, ran into some under the breath snickering goin on from the guests who slept next door to ya, listening to your wailing, erotic eruptions when you were having a sexy screw all night long! Can't remember? Sisters, brothers, shame on you; that's the wrong answer! Today I'm giving you all the stamp of approval to holler, hum a tune, re-sight a passionate poem or narrate a sultry, steamy story the next time, AND, every damn time you jump into the sacred sac of all sacs! Accessing our deepest unwritten, oral lingual seductive selves during LA LA, can be as simple as tapping into the power of our own voice, just with dialogue. By exploring the range of sounds we create from the, BETTER BE, primitive broil of sexual intimacy and getting comfortable singin like a canary, sexy words, WILL, release the love, love, love chemical from your gills not your genital thrills; SO YOU CAN STAY IN PLEASURE LONGER!!! There's quite a few of us who censor our fleshy sounds and oddly enough, yet remarkably typical; it's due to the holdover from our earliest erotic involvements that can shroud our lovemaking for decades! I gotta say, AND, a little embarrassed to admit, BUT here goes nothin! I was bracketed for almost a lifespan, before I gave up the gridlock of boisterous babble that wanted to fume out of my yappy trap during sex! Now? The Swiss Alps echo my anthem undeniably! There's something primordial about what CAN be melodies, that sex WILL provoke; and whether you're with a new partner or the one you've love, love, loved for a coon's age; opening your trap during the sexy solace in the romper room, brings you to both a new level of vulnerability, intimacy, AND, as you better know by now, opens up your 5th chakra. The throat IS the bridge for hatching and channeling that wonton potential right up to your Pineal Gland, remember people!!! Our provoking articulate cries are usually different from our day to day venting tongues. So, your soon to be habit IS? Try out different ranges for declaring vocal indulgence; from low guttural whispers to high- pitched squeals of ecstasy! Experiment with this grasshoppers! Use the tenor of your tones, moving between uncertainty and commanding, THEN, letting it carry its own circus of inspiration into the universe! By tapping into the accented slopes and slants of your howls; sexual horny harmonies generate and heighten your passion, connection with your partner, AND UNBLOCKS YOUR CHAKRAS GOOD LOOKING'S! This is what we're looking for my one and only turn ons!!!! PAYING ATTENTION to the layers of voice vibrations in your lovemaking not only provides a deeper texture to your lavished LU LU of luxury, BUT, also clues you into how clear your communicating can be without words. Likewise, chanting notes of naughty that surround orgasmic joyrides, which there are 6 vibrations in total by the way (all taught in my sessions), balances the intensity resonating through you and opens the way to a deeper healing within your six major body organs. Who ever knew? Those vibrations are labouring on a cellular level people! Freeing your vivacious vocals is also the gateway to finding your tongue again; to ask and get what you F***** want in a multitude of ways when your nesting with your loveaaaaaa! Listen, silence and secrecy IS time after time paired with our adolescent red blooded urges, and many of us STILL combat with this cement block loooooong into our adulthood; never even getting to claim our identity for our intimate style of expression. As far as I'm concerned, whether you're on pins and needles to hear or not; there's nothin sexier than discovering and giving sexy Mother tongue to our desire for pleasure through an authentically true aspect of our articulate sexual nature!!! Learning (which I guide seekers to do) in the beginning; you will feel a certain level of annoyance when you first begin to move from guttural mouns, buried purrs turned into actual words and then quivering quakes! One easy way to begin is to describe the sensations of the moment. So, for instance; a purring sound could easily slip into “I love the feel of your fingers on my YA YA...” By encouraging a partner to use their lusty larynx, as well, by asking questions like; “How do you like this traveling wilberry on your YUM YUM….” All of a sudden, the passage for pleasure WILL start to feel comfortable in your sexy kisser. Let the excitement build lovelies, so you can spiel prospective promises about what you're gonna do to them next! Even though most of us were versed to not cuss with sexy lingo that you share with a partner, some of the most out of bounds of curse words take on virgin meat! You know, it's the one I use on those special occasions. I never got the true intensity of the F*** word until I used it for my bottom line DURING SEX! Likewise, horse trading the sterile vagina and penis cartel for more easy, peezy, breezy slogans will hold secret power and meaning; making scorching scriptures feel natural, instinctive and persuades you into a whole unspoiled alignment of play. THEN? Suddenly, talking dirty is ancient Herstory! Long story short here? Embodying your erotic potential and using ITS power for life endurance, meticulous health for your body, mind and spiritual awakening begins when you OPEN YOUR TRAPS! Anyway people; get on a trip with your traps out there will ya! oxoxoxoxoxo

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