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Feminine Heart Intelligence

What's up you raving revolutionist!? How's the ownership of your consistent momentum doin for ya this week? Laggin? It better damn well NOT be, or I'm gonna award you with a swift kick in the ass if you're not keepin up with the energetic drive for revision! Listen, the Earth still continues to work through HER holographic reality, SOOOO, you better be preserving that pleasurable pace while mukluking down your path! We're finally starting to see change both personal and with the collective hologram, (that's the morphic field, look it up!), by overlaying the humble global experience over the old timelines of separation and fear. Try to Imagine it my kindred sexy souls, as a coating of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that's permeated the wounds of sorrow and separation! At this time; we MUST be ONE here! The universe nudged me to write today (as SHE always does) to describe and explain as SIMPLE as possible, a new Earth transmission that HAS come and WILL result in a PROFOUNDLY new and exciting shift for many; in knowing the planets place in the greater galactic family and consciousness of light! Our massive marble has NOW upgraded to a more solid foundation in the Divine Earth expression. There's still not enough progress yet, BUT, we've actually (believe it or not) ascended our sexy sphere's consciousness to receive the great golden egg (also called the golden ring transmission). Our mapped out terrain IS currently encircled by a golden ring formation that WAS put into place by the christen energies. In simple ABC terms here? The blueprint of life itself of course! This IS the cosmic Mother's directional energy field that seeks to re-direct all Earthling societies (that's you, me and the rest of the damn population) to THE Feminine orientation lovaaaasssss! The tender womanly sense of direction WILL guide us into the Divine un-masculine experience of life (the way it should be!). Our Goddess dust balloon as a consciousness IS Feminine (as you all should know by now) by natural order. This counted on scheme was corrupted by off planet forces that DOGGED to change the Divine dainty rule of law for THEIR own gain. NOW, the re-direction to the Female orientation IS re-storing the planets ladylike consciousness, AND, our competence to bridge with Earth’s life systems with outstanding inertia! In the coming years, we WILL experience greater dexterity to co-create with the Feminine intelligence of the world, resulting in new sacred ground for our planets protection, AND, the human stewardship on our big blue and green zodiac of life! THAT IS, if you stay on the lifestyle jungle trail that I keep strenuously whacking away with my machete for you all! It's like this. The golden ring that's HAULING ASS right now, IS placing our dynamic Goddess Globe inside the golden egg of life to receive the Fertile blueprints of creation. SOOO, while we're bathed in this transfer of movement, a lot of you WILL experience a newfangled consideration for the Divine Feminine intelligence. You MAY even be permitted to savour the paradigm of the Womanish sensations prospecting you out in bossy numbers without delay; to show and tell you how the Divine Feminine whole shebang works to build new worlds throughout the multi verses, AND, how this IS to be applied to our sublunary world, LIKE NOW! Be prepared lovelies, to document this savvy perception! It's gonna be very specific to a luminous cause and WILL require your deepest scrutiny; SO PAY ATTENTION! Our living braid of life's energy field IS part of the Milky Way Galaxy’s (which is FEMININE BTW) spiral of star energy, both visible and invisible matter (matter and anti-matter that is). The universal rose body (look that up grasshoppers!) mingled its way into OUR galaxy’s circuit rotation. Sorry for being too scientific, BUT, what actually has this done?? It's caused a new interwoven softness of consciousness, seen as a platinum threading throughout our local universe and IS connecting ALL OF US to greater, undisputed full head of cleverness, streaming in from other star systems, galaxies and universes! This IS all do to the power of the Feminine energy rising lovelies!!! It CAN'T be stopped; AND, why would we want it to anyway? This is a F****** incredible time to be alive and witnessing this you sexy scholars! The next few years WILL birth ENORMOUS opportunities for miracle manifestations as the Divine Feminine intelligence IS doing a nose count for the inner dream creation. A healthy, evolved, conscious world starts with a flourishing, expanded, cognizant human race people! Learning the embodied practices and skills of living and LOVING prudently, WILL radically change your life and your relationships, bringing you into clarity, about who YOU are and what YOU want. Living with the Feminine Heart Intelligence, the sovereignty to manifest the life YOU want with more joy, WILL come your way; opening YOU to a deeper LOVE than you ever thought possible! What you dream of in life should not only be vividly imaginable, BUT, highly probable! Come on you brave, sexy spirits! Dare to open up to the biggest adventure life has to offer! The regal journey and dignified venture of Divine world refinement!!! Much LOVE, LOVE, LOVE from my Girly heart of intelligence goes out to you lovaaaass for this coming Tuesday's heart of all hearts day! See you ALL on the other side of the transcendent Feminine point of departure!!! oxoxoxoxoxoxo

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