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The Coregasm

Loveaassss! I'm trusting that you're all doing well? Today I wanna GET DOWN to the core when it CUMS to Female orgasms! You must have heard by now, about exercise induced frenzies, no? Really, you haven't? Shame, shame, triple shame on you Girls! I'm talkin about coregasms you horny Crones! Listen, I've heard of them, AND, always thought that the coregasm was an urban myth, kinda like the hard up unicorn; you know, the trappings of fairy tales and legends. BUT, (to my surprise!) just the other Goddess damn day, my own corenagraphic experience transpired at the gym! Let me tell ya grasshoppers; I've learned a few things about this very REAL phenomenon! So of course, I started clickin away on my faithful keyboard, AND, Ripley's believe it or not, exercise induced orgasm (EIO) or exercise induced sexual pleasure (EISP) HAS actually been sanctioned in a VERY sexy way; jotted down in scientific literature for more than sixty F******years! In 1953, Alfred Kinsey wrote in Sexual Behavior about the human Female (as he should), that only 5% (THAT % MUST RISE!) of the Women he studied claimed to experience orgasm during exercise, rather than exclusively during sexual activity. Not exactly your whopping quota, BUT, (as a routine) the sexy fundamentals of HOW exactly the coregasm works ISN'T yet totally understood; even after 60 bloody years! There was some research rendered from Indiana University surveying 530 Women online. 246 of these pleasure partakers proclaimed experiencing EISP, AND, 124 boisterously broadcasted experiencing an EIO from hustling actions like cycling, rope climbing, yoga, weight lifting (HUGE FAVOURITE CATEGORY OF MINE), and running. Leg pull ups on a contraption, sexily called "The Captain's Chair", WERE the most commonly reported drill Sargent enterprises to induce that all mighty deep seater! This doohickey is basically a chair with no Goddess damn seat! You essentially hold onto the friggin armrests while pressing your tender torso up against the back of the confounded bench! What the hell does this do? LOVE, LOVE, LOVELIES!!! It allows you to engage your abdominal muscles while you either lift your knees to your marvelous mammary's, OR, keep your drum sticks straight and raise them to a 90 degree angle! HOLY GUT WRENCHING SHIT! Well, it's just as the name suggests La La's! The middlemost muffin maker IS directly related to contractions of the lower abdominal spread. This IS surprising to me; BUT, coregasms don't, by their own nature, even occur in conjunction with any sexual thoughts or activity. Many Sisters report that midpoint pleasures only take place for them after several reps or sets of their favourite deep seated root exertion, OR, when their abdominal meaty area is already out of gas AND, precisely indicate that they are NOT having sexy thoughts on that occasion! Having STRONG pelvic floor tissue IS key to the half way honey jar; another reason to keep doing those kegels LADIES! Those lovely petal, pelvic canvases, AND, adoring dancing bellies, ARE both attached to your beautiful bay windows Chicas! AND, with that said? THE front porch IS where all the magic happens! Come on Girlfriends; if any of you out there have givin birth, use that natural compression from your breadbasket for your coregasms! BUT, (AS ALWAYS) sensitive QUEEN BEES, simply just need to squeeze the lower abs during a rigorous workout; that should be enough to trigger that sexy solar plexus. A little note here; the feeling of a tummy tightener IS definitely different from a wave of your butterfly wings sensation; rather, it's a tingling vibe, that your insides are orgasming. AND? It's F****** awesome let me just say that! With this type of orgasm, the pleasure constrictions are felt in the abdomen, inner thighs, AND, can extend to other parts of the whole enchilada as well! Women WILL reach altered states of consciousness, experiencing emotional release, AND, having profound spiritual experiences from these peaks down the primrose path. Another sexy spoonful of gravy on the mash with the coregasm IS? It can last for a longgggggg time. Some lucky Lucie's reporting in say, that it keeps on going like Yonge Street in Toronto! Whether or not your core workout leads to the holy grail of intestinal bliss, there are still plenty of benefits to working your abs. Strong abdominal Female meat supports your ruby ridge in the rear, protecting against injury and improving that sexy disposition. Especially after childbirth, tightening the flesh of the pretty little paunch, supports the bladder and uterus. AND? DAAAA! A flatter tummy IS NOT a bad side effect wouldn't ya think? Being kindred to the good ol' fashioned orgasms, coregasms ride the coattails, when it comes to a certain level of mental, AND, emotional presence. Sooooo, if I'm feeling burden about some BULLSHIT while burning off late night popcorn on the matrix machine; I'm NOT welcoming in a state for euphoria now am I? BUT, if I'm on that posting that's taking me to an exquisite sexy shape, OR, my yoga mat, listening to my esteemed acoustics; sexy fairy tales DO exist! Sooooo, by focusing on how good and F****** strong my body feels while enjoying the sensations of SWEET SWEAT drizzling down my hide, AND, scrunching my lower abs and thighs? Yepper pepper hearts; I CAN every so often see that horny unicorn indeed! Look lovelies, even if a coregasm doesn't happen during the sexy spam of time with your training drill; strengthening your Queen's palace WILL enhance those BIG "O''s" (which IS what this IS all about!) whenever they do happen (trust me on this). If you keep them reserved just for the bedroom, you're missing out Gals! Work it to the core!!!!! Enjoy your long, sexy weekend! oxoxoxoxo

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