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International Female Farmers Day

Sisters, brothers, listen up today! I wanna remind you all (if you don't have a clue already) of the yearly International Female Farmers Day on the 15th of this month (Sunday) in Africa. It’s (better be) CLEARER than ever, that WE need to highlight this critical role that our Sisters play in DRIVING prosperity in not only that country, BUT, THE WHOLE F****** WORLD!!!! We also need to recognize that much needs to be done to assist smallholder Women agriculturalists not just in Africa, BUT (as if you didn't know it was coming) GLOBALLY, in overcoming the multiple stumbling blocks they face, right here and now! Listen, rural Ladies (not just focusing on Africa) have to juggle numerous agricultural and domestic duties from sowing, weeding and harvesting crops, to collecting firewood and water, AND? A F***in substantial share of their work goes unpaid! We all know this grasshoppers; look at our lineage people! I grew up watching my Granny, AND, my Mom additionally, pay THEIR dues! Women, ENDLESSLY again and again, have usually taken care of the tadpoles, the gray and tired on their last leg chickens, AND, being the one responsible for food security in the Goddess damn household! When grub is limited, it's WOMEN who often receive the smallest portions within the dynasties system; Judest Priestess, I remember those F****** days in Costa Rica living with my son during hard knocks on the beach. He use to say, "Mom, why do hardly eat dinner with me" I would just say, "ohhh, I've already eaten" Mothers are the ones most likely to miss out on a nutritional diet. If you ask me, BUT, I know you didn't; I'm gonna tell ya anyway, it's HORRIFYING!!! Holding back our Girlfriends holds everyone the F*** back; can't we realize this people??? When our Butterflies prosper, they tend to invest more in their homes, AND, THEIR HUSBANDS (Haaa, rings a bell for me, AND, seems to be why I've invested in my home in Costa Rica). When the Great Wearers of Petticoats are economically empowered, AND, have greater opportunities, it helps the whole microcosm, AND, the communities within our blue and green land to flourish, AS SHE SHOULD!! Recognizing the specific needs of our outland Gal's anywhere for that matter, AND, addressing the distinct set of barriers they face IS of vital importance to our planets economic development, AND, key to reducing under nutritioned, AND, poverty in a sustainable way. AND??? By expending our Empresses a PLATFORM to engage in new opportunities on THEIR homesteads, gives them a fighting chance that they may not have had before. Women CAN develop whole new streams of income which helps to LIFT them and THEIR families out of the F****** pain of poverty; which BTW is STILL a current struggle! Yes lovelies, the battle IS REAL!! So, when it comes to integrating Feminine Lovelies into agricultural supply chains, what the private sector wants IS assurances that Maternal croppers can reliably deliver an agreed quality and quantity of product, supplied in a reliable and continuous way. The key to this isssss? Ensuring that Courtesan cultivators know what markets there are for products, what kind of activities are required along the supply chain, AND, what standard and volume of product is required within what time frame. SIMPLE EDUCATION IS ALL!!! Studies have suggested that if Lady Bugs were given better access to land and resources, they CAN raise the GLOBAL agricultural output by 2.5% to 4%, which would in turn reduce the number of FAMISHED SISTERS AND BROTHERS in this world by around 12-17%. It’s time grasshoppers, that the wandering gypsy's' tribe PROPERLY bankrolls in Female harvesters to make that a F****** reality! Look, the economic empowerment of the Supreme Specie IS crucial to sustain the conquest for impoverishment. AND, to achieve this? THE private sector, AND, development agencies need to WORK TOGETHER to find ways of successfully integrating them into markets as producers, distributors, businesses, employees and consumers. Of course, I need to grand finale with my 2 cents rubbing together. This food sustainability movement IS arguably the most exciting progression happening in the world today; neck in neck with the Female sexual revolution as well! It's addressing many of the world’s most pressing problems, like climate change, chronic disease, water scarcity, and antibiotic resistance, just to line a few. Without it people? We're CERTAIN to destroy the possibility of human life on this jewel of ours! Happy Friday the 13th loveassssss! oxoxoxoxo

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