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A Dozen Eggs

Hey lovelies! I gotta say; me, yepper peppers, the late bloomer that I am, HAS JUST explored the rose quartz egg for reconditioning, AND, retraining my Beautiful Yoni. I singled out the blushing jewel, BECAUSE of the energy I absorb from that pinkish gem, which BTW holds healing powers to transform, AND, maintain youthful Feminine stamina. Soooo, I signed myself up! The practice of inserting a sacred bead into the Wings of Wonder IS thousands of years old. IN FACT, the secret rite WAS TO BE only used by the Women of the royal court in China. Sisters of your own forum; don't keep all your eggs in one basket I say! Listen up Doll Faces! Girl friends who practiced this Sexual Kung Fu back in the day were said to be immortal, having a youthful appearance with the tight, AND, healthy reproductive organs of a much younger Woman. That little Yoni ovum IS used to tone the Pretty Privates, AND, gently manipulate the sexual reflexology zones that stimulate those VITAL organs of the body. Meditating with that exquisite egg inside of you A DOZEN times a week, WILL bring your sexual energy up to where it belongs; into your higher spiritual centers to experience cosmic bliss; AND THAT'S WHY THE F*** WE'RE HERE, RIGHT?! BUT, (out of routine) it also feels F***ing good. Goddess damn good! I'm telling ya; I now LOVE, LOVE, LOVE grocery shopping, banking, house cleaning, riding my bike even more, AND, racing off to the gym! IF, and I mean practicing regularly the use of Yoni egg injection, you WILL make your Budding Butterfly more sensitive to sensations. And, what does that mean? More sensation means more pleasure that's what! Trust me Ladies! You WILL awaken a whole new world of juicy orgasmic energy. I'm not shittin ya here! Tons of Queen Bee's have broadcasted going from non orgasmic (that WAS me) to having multiple orgasms after consistent (key word) PRACTICE. Listen up my horny Harem! I have personally been rehearsing for a month now, AND, i gotta tell ya; it takes 28 days to form a habit, which BTW has cultivated. Now? Well, I've reached the juncture; it's NOW time to evaluate all my venturous undertakings with a handpicked favourite lingam!!! Also people, using a Jade wand; which is made out of the same material (Jade or authentic rose quartz) and slowly (non invasive) stimulating the cervix, which IS BTW, linked to the heart (more on this topic in a later article), WILL help a Woman give and receive LOVE, LOVE, LOVE at a greater depth. Imagine it like foot reflexology that each point on your feet relates to a different vital organ such as liver, heart, and kidney. Points can be pressed upon or stimulated to improve the health of that organ. This IS the whole truth and nothing BUT the Goddess Damn Gospel too, for the reflex points in our LOVE, LOVE, LOVE canal! Training the Female pelvic floor by arousing the reflex points in the Blossom IS easily and non intrusively accomplished by using what are called The Jade Eggs, AND, Jade DOES NOT imply anything other than the material that the egg is carved out of. These little morals, which MUST be made out of Jade, (not translucent marble) are crystals or gemstones carved in the shape of a Hens spawn, AND, are delicately devoured by the Sexy Sunshine Spot. All Women (who have still NOT honed) Her horny Homestead NEED to use these for various exercises to improve the health of Her LOVE, LOVE, LOVE muscles as well as gain Flower Power, dexterity and suppleness! They're easy as peasy to use, much like popping in a tampon; which while on the subject, you should NOT be using. I pretty much knew I needed to scout out more, AND, inaugurate my own tradition with this sacred strengthening secret. After my most recent relationship, my body felt like it had being F***ed to death because of my partner pounding the shit out of my Gorgeous Yoni, AND, I knew the time had come to whip myself back into sexual shape again, when it came to my Pleasure Palace! Almost immediately I noticed the differences beyond the theoretical understanding I already had. The GENTLE pressure of my Quartz Egg on my reflex points was increasing sensations, AND, I felt the imbalances in my body were being re-harmonized each time I used my egg; which BTW IS every Goddess damn day now! After a month lovelies, I have increased the flow of sexual hormones in my sexy body. I CAN actually see the disappearing act of what I like to call (PUSSY FAT) from my navel down to my mons pubis, which is that lovely rounded eminence above my Lily. I know, I know, a tad too personal right? BUT, (if you don't know) I'm here to guide you people for a healthy, happy, AND, horny existence! I'm pretty quick witted to let you all know, it's due to the breakage of stagnant energy or qi which CAN lead to disease in our Yoni's. Good Goddess forbid! Eases discomforts such as cramps associated with the menstrual cycle (BUT, DO NOT use the egg when your moon is full). By toning, tightening, AND, strengthening the Yoni; you WILL assist in gaining control of the voluntary and involuntary muscles. Naturally, it WILL increase your vaginal fluids; making La La feel F***ing awesome!!! BIG ONE HERE, it WILL naturally increase your sexual sweet tooth! It gives your sexual organs a breathe of (new word of the day) re-virginization; hence allowing healing from traumatic invasions due to an ignorant, underdeveloped partner, AND, perfect for the preparation of birthing those buttercups into this imperfect world we live in! Anyway sexy ones; enjoy the 12 step journey, AND, train your special lingam to stay put when he's inside of you so you Chicas can rejuvenate your Yoni's to Her youth. Good luck!!! oxoxoxoxo

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