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Spiritual Cervix

Hello lovely ones! What are we gonna discuss today?? Well, what I wanna explain ISSSS, how the cervix IS the sexual gateway to our spirituality, AND, ultimate intimacy; not just for you Doll Faces out there, BUT, (as my rule) for you brothers as well; once you're at home base!! Imagine having an orgasm which, rather than being just in your genital area, actually took over your whole damn mind, body, sexy ass soul, AND, lasted for hours, leaving you transformed and pretty much shakin up. Well, you can, AND, the cervix IS the sweet spot to get you there. Made of cartilage and seeded at the top of the vaginal canal at the entrance to the uterus, that canyon (as you must know) WAS NOT HERSTORICALLY considered an erogenous zone; with many dick head male Doctors CLAIMING it had no sensation at all! F*** off, honestly, there should be a Goddess damn law enforced that ALL Doctors dealing with Women's spiritual health, physical well being, AND bodily functions SHOULD BE FEMALE! Leave the men to pledge for men! In fact, modern MRI imagery has proven that the cervix IS responsible for strong sensations, including pain, pleasure, BUT (it was on its way), PAY ATTENTION HERE; pain reduction when the sacred practices of the techniques that I maintain to accommodate ARE implemented and coached to men properly! The C cave IS a Woman’s innermost core. In the Taoist reflexology system, it’s Her heart center which LITERALLY opens up Her heart. Also, energetically, it has a meridian that goes all the way up to the crown chakra, opening you up to be a spiritual channel. When a Woman has a cervical orgasm, She WILL feel intense love, ecstasy and transcendence; he may even have an out of body ethereal or awakening experience, AND, She will often shed tears, as though something has broken through and cleared, shedding deep mental gunk, (BEEN THERE, AND STILL GO THERE). A cervical orgasm IS very restorative, rather like pressing a reset button on the autonomic nervous system. Of course, everyone’s experience will be different, soooooo it’s best to allow your peak pleasure to evolve organically, without expectations. One thing IS for sure though. And that is? You WILL feel satisfaction and bliss beyond physical pleasure, and a much DEEPER connection with your partner. The important thing ISSSSS Girlfriends ISSSSS to stop focusing on what you feel above your skirt line; it’s about opening yourself up so sexual energy flows through you, AND? Well, that requires sweet surrender of course. Visualize all that juicy energy running up your spine and through your body, taking over you like an electromagnetic bloody ball of bliss! I’ve got something pretty intimate to share with you. Basically there is no word in the crazy English language that can express how I feel about the Love canal. Love, Love, Love actually DOES NOT cut it at all. And here is why. If I have a cervical orgasm with a partner, I not only INSTANTLY fall madly, deeply in Love, Love, Love with the sexy ass sole for the following few days, BUT, (to no end) I’m supremely happy for no Goddess damn reason at all; ALL THE TIME there after! AND, I usually experience a rockin spiritual union that shifts my perspective from tinnie winnie to a cosmic convulsion! The first time I had a subterranean orgasm? Lmaol! After I was done collecting myself up from totally ecstatic annihilation on the bed, my first thought was??? My Goddess, do I really have to tell the whole world about this? Damn right I do!! Because the cervix IS intimately connected to all the best parts of our Female brain, like bliss, ecstasy, connected relating, spiritual union, wisdom of the ages; your lusty Luuu holds the keys, Sisters!! AND, pretty much NO ONE is talking about this shit! To some of you Girlfriends out there, the C den might be painful or something you’d rather leave the hell alone. I think that’s a F***IN crime! The C cavity lies within the deepest center of the Yoni, OR, what I like to call it; the gateway to HER heart. In Taoist reflexology, that sexy shelter IS the heart point in ALL Women! When this center is being PROPERLY STIMULATED, we Chicas often react through emotions. Some feel pain, ( not necessarily physical) and have the need to cry. Some Queen Bee's feel exultation and have the need to crack up and cackle. Whatever lies in our heart, IT wants to express itself, SO LET IT BE SAID I SAY!!!! A Women's Womb IS the Women’s second heart! It’s where our integrity as the higher specie has its source, AND, our yearning for true euphoria begins right in that arena . BUT, (tee hee) it needs to be approached in the most gentle and trusting way, so Women can open themselves up for the DESERVING deeper lying pleasures. Once we are ready to surrender into the sensation and are able to relax in the cervical area, we can experience THE MOST powerful orgasms that exist on this Goddess Gypsy land of ours! Yepper peppers, I'm tellin ya; mind blowing ones! It's quite simple here grasshoppers. When our Butterflies of this luminous sexy sphere begin developing a relationship with their sweet spot; they begin to take under advisement how they actually make Love, Love, Love. They're able to yield revenue (AS THEY SHOULD) for their own gynecological appointments! Hence, becoming conscious, awake and HUGELY empowered; which BTW, IS what this IS all about people! As our Sisters delicately embark on this journey, they're faced with old emotional tortures, noticing perhaps blockages from societal judgements, hazardous habits, worthless resistance, a limited capacity for pleasure and who the hell they are as Women! When their center is finally found, it's like opening up Pandora's box (literally). All contained within this sexy sacred practice that I offer. Guys, specialize in the rhythms of the Cervix will ya! oxooxoxo

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