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Pandora's Tent

Grasshoppers, guys in particular! When was the last time that you slept in tent big enough to hold all of your manly equipment? Yepper peppers, I'm talkin about your tool boxes boys, AND, believe it, OR, not brothers; your lovely lingam can be a scary F***IN monster! Listen, my Ladies; If your guy is well endowed and sex is arduous, OR, cozy cunnilingus is no checkerboard picnic table cloth; I have some sexy schemes to get you around it. Would you tend to believe that most of the time, our male playmates are often envious of their other kinsmen who have packed gunpowder in their holsters, BUT, (as my rule) the Goddess gospel ISSSSSS? We Girlfriends ARE happy with an average sized piece of meat that won’t break us the hell apart from the inside! When a guy whips down his clam diggers and we Divine Dolls are faced with that giant member of the 2 delegates; that look of disbelief on our glowing profile IS NOT necessarily admiration, it's actually disbelief that IT even qualifies for the assignment without a lot of ripping, stretching, OR, general agony! Look Chicas, we actually underestimate the capacity of our magnificent Yoni's, AND, the potential expansion that SHE has. After all Sister's, She WAS designed to transport a 10 lbs. or more human being out into this soon to be blessed world! That living soul IS unquestionably a lot more gigantic than any man's loot! BUT, (of course) nobody wants to associate sex with the spasm that the stork delivers, now do they? La La with a handy handsome having the most stocked utensil drawer, does NOT have to be a distressing, OR, an uncomfortably awkward process either. So, let’s look at some facts first shall we? What are the Yoni facts on average? Well, She's about 3 to 4 inches in length. During an exercise with a Taoist technique called Yoni Tenting; She has the capacity, AND, ability to spread errr (tee hee) 5 to 6 inches or more. Sister's! Inside the paneling of your in do time Blossoming greenhouses are pleats so that She CAN expand to accommodate tampons (organic ones please!) lingams (also organic please!) dildos (of natural material por favor) soon to be little nippers on your nipples, OR, whatever else Queen Bee's are pullin in and out of that Glorified Neck of the Bush! Your Perfect Peach may seem smaller at certain times of the month (because of your moon phases), which IS due to your cervix lowering. Women who've been blessed to have Aunt Flow out of the picture, STILL have pumpkin cycles regardless of the blood; Sooooo with that said; your cozy cave WILL NOT like being prodded by an extra long lingam! This IS why deep entrances WILL cause discomfort, OR, make pushy pushy feel annoying in certain geographical areas. Listen up people! Men WILL fall in La, La, Love with Goddesses who have this SECRET SKILL I'm about to mention. He WILL always have an unshakeable urge to seek out the Higher Spiritual Specie who HAS this ONE secret ingredient in Her bedroom repertoire. AND THAT IS? Yoni Tenting loveliesss! DID YOU KNOW that during the sexual awakening of our Lovely Lasses, a process occurs whereby the muscle tension in your Yoni hulls your uterus up when you're really hot, AND, horny, allowing your Rose Bud to broaden Her horizons by creating an extraordinary sexy spacious tent? Well imagine that people; a Female Sexual Awakening through the practices of the Tao! It's like being a Goddess damn umbrella, AND, popping open! When this happens, even more room has spawned, which BTW, IS why it's SOOOOO important for your masculine comrade to PAY ATTENTION to the Taoist foreplay techniques, ESPECIALLY if he has an unusually large prized monument for display! Haven't got a clue what Taoist sexual petting is? Lady Lordess Love a duck; you best get in to see me immediately!! What are the benefits of Taoist lovemaking? Once Pandora has pitched Her tent, She allows more of Her sexy Palace to present Herself for him, so he can core Her CAPTIVATING CUNT! Make sure to continuously use a natural lubrication (only if you need to though), making the invitation effortless and velvety for the both of you. Remember this lovelies! The lost, BUT, (newly reestablished) ancient ART of launching Love, Love, Love IS essentially about getting into the meditative frame of mind, AND, turning you both on so that the sacred union feels FANTASTIC, and your focus is entirely on the sensations you are both experiencing. That really damn good orgasm IS only based on being two peas in a pod of physical, AND, mental stimulation. When you're dealing with an abnormally enormous manhood my Butterflies, it's even MORE relevant for your exquisite temple, AND, genius ball to be in the state of leisure. Just the thought of his larger than life package for delivery, WILL probably cause some rigidity in your Flower Power that WILL go against you both during the sexual enmeshment. If he is particularly elongated, then you MAY want to avoid certain Kama Sutra positions that foster deep seated portals. If you're feeling uncomfortable, it's probably because he is too rooted and hitting the top of your Lovely where your cervix is, which, (like daaa) will be tender. Doing the dog IS definitely a NO NO as well BECAUSE it nearly always gives the guy THE URGE to thrust and go crazy; which is definitely NOT ALLOWED IN THE TENT! Anything with your shanks up over your beaner that allows entrenched impulses WILL offend Her. Any position where he has all the control IS out of the question, UNLESS you COMPLETELY trust him IMMENSELY and he is super PATIENT and GENTLE! THE REIGNING POSITION RULES ONCE AGAIN! Girlfriends! You MUST hold your monarchy by being on top. Why? Because, you WILL be able to control the depth of your strides, rhythms, and pace, AS YOU SHOULD! Just DON'T let him grab your hips and start banging you up and down on top of him either (tie up his F***IN hands)! Missionary can be good, BUT, (for shits and giggles) close your legs to prevent him from doing what he THINKS is best; because he hasn't got a clue! Also, he can see your face and witness if you're enjoying it or not! Side by side IS great because neither one of you can do the sexy spiral too deeply. Closing argument people! *****Strikingly*****, there's about 40% (holy shit) of adult Sister's on our overly testosterone blue and green gypsy grounds, from ages 18 to 59 (HUGE AGE SPAN) making headlines with this (suffrage IS still real) difficulty of having unbalanced sex. What this suggests ISSSSSS? There's STILL missing ancient links of knowledge from the Taoist Lifestyle that MUST be excavated, AND, pulled up to the F***IN surface, AND, brought back into society for healing this BULLSHIT!!! It's all about HER!!

Love, Love, Love your camping grounds lovelies!!! oxoxoxoxo

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