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!!! OMaaazing Sex !!!

Sista's, brotha's; DID YOU KNOW that the ancient technique of vibrational chanting accents WHILE HAVING SEX (of course) WILL improve your physical health and well being? While a definitive answer to THAT inquest has YET to become apparent in our mainstream life; it IS clear IN MY MIND (which BTW is an interesting place) that it WILL significantly turn the corner on your zipadedoda! Research PROVES Sacred Sexual Recitals WILL physically heal your blessed embodiment, intellectual perception, AND BEYOND for that matter!! Yes, I HAVE encouraged you ALL before in a previous article, to open up your damn traps during La La, AND yodel away the pleasures you feel to the worlds cosmic energies! BUT, (pay attention) meshing OUR favourite adult activity into the recipe, creates a flourishing outcome that you'll soon find out about. Be that as it may, this type of practice (and it IS a method) IS a rarity in our conventional developed society. Listen up people! Daily chanting during an intimate buzzzzz WILL decrease fatigued, AND depression all on its own, BUT, (you knew it had to come) when spiritedly united with SEX; our energy levels, like a bat out of hell, completely rebounds! Sooooo, what does my favourite subject SCIENCE tell us about chanting OM reverberations during The Sacred Union? Well, according to this Dr. Watkins, the musical structure of a melody mantra HAS a significant, AND, positive physiological impact. Findings from Watkins’s research attests the benediction of the horny hymns which include lowered blood pressure, increased levels of DHEA (that's your performance hormone) reduced anxiety, AND, a Doctored up disposition! These findings are sustained by preexisting legwork documenting the neurological trappings of warbling sounds while making Love, Love, Love! Some expert examiners sermon their gospel by claiming that tuned tones WILL stimulate the production of endorphin's; natural opiates known to generate feelings of (you got it) SEXUAL excitement, AND, satisfaction! Well, it might ave been a good thing to let "The Stones" in on this sexy scoop before they recorded, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction! In my habitude, my enlightened believers are trained to pipe up some simple quavers during sexual arousal to encourage the oxitocite to travel through the body more evenly for THAT body zing, AND, spiritually elevating benefits. With this incorporation, chirp challenging exercises, PARTICULARLY with sexual chi moving; really opens up your mortal buildings energy, AND, taps into an endurance pizzazz reserve that MOST people are unaware even exists! Listen up grasshoppers; you're here to learn no!? We've got 84 potent meridian dots on the roof of that clam chop of ours that become stimulated when we chant. Perkin up these points acts as a code for vigor and verdure in our glandular and nervous systems, AND, aids our immune behavaviour. When our breath slows down to four inhalations per minute (which BTW, IS the rhythm of chanting OM), a channel opens up between the glands of the hypothalamus, pituitary AND THAT PREEMINENT PINEAL!!! This sexy little sprouted space releases a nectar that rains down; vitalizing our (at times) fidgety frame of reference, AND, our unsusceptible faculty. And listen to this! The effects of OM intones ripens exponentially with each person that joins in. Holy crapola! Think about how unimpaired our sexy stompin grounds would be IF we hosted regular sexual sonority séances! Each sexy carol holds within it THE potential for a specific transformational state of being. There IS the probability to experience a SERIOUS penetrative connection with your LOVEAAAA during intimate pleasures of, you know, CUSHY PUSHY! Everyone! Singing in general WILL open your LOVE, LOVE, LOVE muscle anyway. BUT, (tee hee) serenading OM tunes during SEX WILL bust open the heart, AND, heal the ENTIRE F***IN body system! Reap the benefits Lovelies! Verbal vibrations during The Sacred Union WILL help us ALL resist and recover from a WORLD WIDE variety of ka ka rat's nest. Sooooo, in other words? Whether our vigilant marbles are payin attention OR NOT in the middle of mingling on those marvelous mattresses, our sexual bodies WILL take their cues from vocalized sounds and rhythms; knowing when to get energized and F*** like primal animals, OR, when to slow the hell down! You must know by now people, that horny harmonies affect the finest feathers of our intuitive wits, AND, mortal makeup. It's NOT a new concept grasshoppers! These recitations HAVE been part of Hindu spirituality, AND, the healing potential of yoga for thousands of dotage's. With the EXPLOSIVE enthusiasm RIGHT NOW for sound essential remedies in our lives, it’s NOT surprising to me AT ALL that this fossilized tradition IS experiencing a modern day renaissance, wouldn't ya think? It's a beautiful homecoming; welcome back OMaaaazing Sex! Ok my Little Loves, please have the most enchanted week! oxooxxoxoxo

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