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Sacred Geometry

Good Goddess Day to ya people! Gotta Love, Love, Love our Ancient Lady Philosophers from our lineage in time. Hypatia in particular, WAS a Hellenistic Neoplatonist philosopher (holy shit), astronomer, AND, mathematician/Geometry teacher (what a mouthful), who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. When SHE spoke of Geometry as an EXTREMELY rare natural gift of consciousness, SHE damn well meant it that's for sure!! BUT, (just to get my crystal ball generated) our Sister also voiced it as a mode of perception, accessible to ANYONE that is initiated into the tradition, by a Female Master that is! She wasn't just a teacher grasshoppers; SHE WAS a Shaman in Her day, AND, it was reserved individuals like HER who convened the mystery schools and sponsored initiations into the esoteric philosophies of Geomancy that HAVE been cultivated from HER, AND, other Queen Bee visionaries! Though the Herstory of Women in ancient cryptic unwritten laws HAS largely fallen through the crack pipes; Greek mythology HOLDS onto our human capacity for Geometric perceptions, which BTW, ARE Sexy Souvenirs of the Divine Feminine Lovelies!!!! These energetic sources of WISDOM are conceptualized as sexy successions of ALL the Goddesses. Born DIRECTLY from primal Chaos IS non other than Gaia Herself; whose name LITERALLY comes from Geometry, geo (earth) + metr (measure, Mother). She Loveaaaass, gave birth to Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory people! Factually here? The name comes to be Mnemonic!!!

Those Daughters of Mnemosyne ARE the Muses in life! Our ingenious arts, AND, sexy sciences ARE the sexy spin offs. We must NOT forget that a recalled flashback IS the legacy of our Sacred Earth, AND? Well, the faculties of dexterity enable us humans to actively RECOLLECT of course! The essence alone, going down memory lane of this Mystical Ladylike Genealogy WAS sustainability of The Sacred place (Chora, Greek Island) through enduring values of uniformity, amplitude, a universal aesthetic, AND, connectivity. What I want to share with you all, are my explorations for the ways in which I've learned to redeem the virtues of OUR Goddess originators, AND, embrace myself as a physical and spiritual Geomantic consciousness. By using Geometric vision as an interdisciplinary teaching; it HAS BEEN a HUGE learning process on my own path as well.

Sister's, brother, Sacred Geometry IS where Sensual Sciences meet Mysticism. There ARE Universal Shapes saturated all over Herstory, IF, you desire the awareness to see their dead giveaways!! Nature, the Cosmos, Sacred patterns that design everything IS ALIVE in our Galaxy. These natural occurring stencils if you will, CAN be measured, repeated, AND, found INSIDE AND OUT! You've all heard the phrase as above, so below, right? Well, blessed be these Embodied Contours that are found from the Spirals (that I've mentioned to you before) in our extensive realms, to the shell of the tiniest sea creature. There's an interconnection WREATHED right into the very fabric of existence people! SOOOO, based on Symmetrical structure, mathematics, AND, explicit form; this concept HAS modern day scientists in unison with ancient mystics. I've laid this out before that The House of Goddess/god, temple shrines, holy sanctuaries and more, HAVE used this Venerable Geometry in most of their depictions since the beginning of time!

It's THE Goddesses blueprint! HER Cunning Calculus contains aureoles, trysty triangles, Jewish stars, radical coils, AND, tons more; which ARE connected to the elements of our Great Mother, heavens draft, intimate inferno's and the liquid of Life, here on our map of existence! Soooooo, what happens when you combined these with the 5 platonic solids (look that up people!)? Ta Da! You get Sacred Geometry of course! Our common Sacred "G" figures include the Flower of Life, The Seed of our Essence, AND, Metatron's Cube. As for that Cube? It has an interesting story behind it, AND? IT explains the acts of Goddess in the universe Herself. That fixer of boundaries IS constructed of 13 spheres held together by many intersecting lines. Those sexy halo's represent THE Feminine aspect of creation, AND, the lines? Well, the masculine does have his PARTIAL place. The weaving of them together creates total interconnectedness WITH wholeness. The shapes that create the universe ARE inside of its' structure. Get ready; cause here we go you horny handful!!! This is THE MOST Sacred Rhythm of order, AND, the number 13? Like you must know it has its significance as well. It IS written that the 13 Zodiac hoops represents 13 archangels, 13 energy centers, or chakras, AND, the 13 keys of creation obviously!

Sister's, brother's, take a penetrative look at the Seed of Life, which IS a universal symbol of Genesis. Her deeper meaning IS infused in HER architecture, AND, it IS the OVUM of the Flower of Life, AND then? Like Daaaaaa, leads all the way to the FEMININE Fruit of Life! Don't let this confuse you to the point of complication grasshoppers, because it's already EVERYTHING that's around us. All you have to do IS learn THE buried nuts and bolts in the AWAKENING which is happening RIGHT NOW, then you're all good to go! Taking a broader view into this includes the Embryo's of Life which ARE the Feminine Bracelets representing the 7 days of dawning, as well as the 7 Chakras. The 7 Crowns in total, 6 of them connected perfectly around the 7th; hatching that delicate nucleus in the center. This is what we find in MOST major religions, AND, ancient cultures.

So, what the hell is all the hullabaloo about Sacred Geometry anyway? I definitely get your possible disillusionment if you're someone that IS attracted to Sacred Geometry, BUT, (perhaps) you don’t know why. In the past, I've also tackled with this myself, BECAUSE, I've been awakening my Divine Feminine (and my true masculine), at the same time for eons! Being EXTREMELY captivated with Sacred Geometry despite it being so left brain masculine; I know I HAVE to be persistent. Hell, my Mom must have been unconscious, BUT, (Tee Hee) innately compelled to buy me those spirographs (remember those people!) when She was shopping for Christ Mass every year. I couldn't stop spirographing all over my little Goddess bedroom walls. Every day I intuitively designed until my wallpaper was full of wisdom from my Galactic Scriptures of knowledge!! The REAL reason we are attracted to the Sacramental Algebra ISSSSSS? Because IT represents inception itself Lovelies; something we're ALL reawakening within our Divine Fertile nature IN THESE TIMES! We're magnetized to Angelic Figures BECAUSE they ARE Feminine, AND, masculine; something we're ALL currently trying to balance within. Musing Mathematics represents, OR, is an image to help us remember THE original setting, AND, how to basically concoct THE TRUTH (and nothin BUT the truth) for that matter! Just to tie things up here? It's a universal language Loveaaaaaas, that allows US ALL to access ancient intelligence contained in our cellular memory, REMEMBER? It IS the key to understanding the nature and value of dynamic colours, sexy sounds, lustrous light, Love, Love, Love, AND, conception itself. Sacred Geometry provides complete understanding and experience to consciously co-create a new world of Divine Expression, AND? To accelerate the Ascension process,WHICH IS OUR F****IN JOB RIGHT NOW PEOPLE!!!! By rekindling our anatomical mind's eye of enlightenment WITH SACRED GEOMETRY, lost during the old civilization’s prime directive mastery of limitation; we WILL then be able to purposefully outshine, AND shift the shit in the dust!


Find yourselves a spirograph (they're out there), AND, start generating the original Geometry!!


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