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The Gaunchless Goddess

What's goin on grasshoppers?! How goes the journey anyway? Are you Love, Love, Lovin this cooler weather? Stockin up on those extra cozy undergarments for the next 5 months are ya's? Don't do it Lovelies! I'll tell ya why people; like most Butterfly Beauties, I grew up thinkin that underwear was an absolute necessity. Pullin on some cotton drawers WAS the normal part of gettin dressed, AND, I never really gave it the third degree until I lived in Costa Rica. It's Sooooo F***IN hot down there, it WAS a criminal offense to throw those useless things on! BUT, (after all), when you think about it, under panties do kinda make sense, right? It helps to catch Yoni clearances, no? They held, OR, maybe still hold your notepads in place, AND, the right Dakini Drawers can even be kinda comfy! No way San Jose; just gimme a banana leaf, then I'm The Worthier Warrioress!!! That's why ALL people (ya, including you opposites) should be on both sides of the picket railing when it comes to going commando! Sister's, brother's, the CHOICE to wear no undies's IS a personal one that really depends on what you’re wearing, AND, for you Girlfriend's who are still hosting Aunt Flow's visits? If you do go for a pair of glorious gaunches for this celebration, make sure they're definitely organic! Yepper, peppers, source them out Loveaaasss, BECAUSE WE NOW HAVE OPTIONS!! BUT, (Ta Da!) if you wanna skip that part of getting dressed? Well then, be ready for a pretty damn comfortable life, AS WELL AS, all of the health benefits for burning your under breeches!! Look people, have you ever had the breeze blowin between, AND, above your knees without your iddy biddy pedal pushers? That wafting air WILL flow free style, AND, stimulate your Yoni to the point of...............! Ohhh yaaa, especially that tropical draft!!! One of the pickles with any crotch muff, especially the kind made of hokey fabrics ISSSSSS that it obstructs ventilation from rippling smoothly to your Sisterhood. And that's NOT F***IN good Doll Faces!!! The MOST front page news about an intimate Cunt Cloth ISSSS aeration your gorgeous grasshoppers! Give your Love, Love, Love bits Breathe Butterflies!! Soooooo, if you don't care to ditch your G-strings during the day, well, at least go to your Genie bottle at witching hour lingerie free will ya's!! I've already wrote about that topic, being selectively finer to hit the bunk at twilight with nothin BUT a smile; lettin your nether regions breathe to avoid what's goin around!!! Organisms WILL collect in that part of the body, SPECIFICALLY if SHE becomes too sweaty. Bad bacteria IS less likely to migrate; SOOOO, if you're a fan of thongs, it MAY just be the time to rethink what you slip over your Hummingbird wings every morning. Thongs are a NO NO Sister's; they act as butt floss, which if you ask me, BUT, too bad (you didn't) ISSSSS DISGUSTING! In technical terms here? They like to give the gift of transferring GERMS from the ass hole INTO the vaginal area! And yepper, peppers, it WILL happen, even after you've sensually showered. Sooooo? Lettin your Yoni's see the light of day IS a valuable venture!!! Another bonus ISSSS? There's less friction while exercising. If your short Jane's trap perspires, AND, your Dakini Dew Drizzles throughout the day, THEN? Like Daaaaaa; you can only well imagine how grubby Goddesses can get during a work out. SOOOO, that's why it's a brainy light bulb switch to exercise without the annoying nuisance! BUT, (of course) I CAN'T leave out the first rate of the finest now can I? Your SEX life WILL Get a breakthrough! By all means, DO whatever makes you feel the Sexiest, whether that be wearing elegant lingerie, OR, sporty cute questionable's. BUT, (to add my 2 cents worth) some people REALLY do get a kick outta havin a crucifying ceremony with their christian crotch cottons!!! Ya Lovlies, I'm talkin about the A, B, C method of livin!!! ANYTHING BUT CHRISTIAN!!! Not only does it increase sensations right through your sunshine hours Loveaaaasss; BUT, (me included) some Girlfriends feel THE Sexiest, AND, more risque being fully naked under that Petticoat! If only Marilyn Munroe knew THE SECRET during that famous photo shoot with that gusty white dress, right? AND, that classified information you have with yourself, WILL totally up your confidence when you talk to acquaintances, coworkers, professors, bosom buddies, AND, the brother you have been spelling on. Your hot masculine ally WILL definitely find it Sexy. It could be that your relationship needs a little excitement, OR, maybe you already F*** like wild animals, BUT, (sprinkling it in) you just wanna make things even more interesting. Let em know you're NOT wearin any Yoni yarns and watch (and I mean gander everything) what happens!! You can even up the ante by humming those horny hymns in his ear at a public place where he can't do shit about it, like at a dinner party. You'll OFFICIALLY become the ONLY thing on his mind all Goddess damn night! Listen up Goddess grasshoppers! If you went Musketeerette more often, you'd never have to worry about what kinda garb to wear on your Gorilla!!! AND, you probably could afford to buy Dakini denims in smaller sizes, which BTW feel F***IN awesome! Havin the seam of your pants run right along your Yoni's almond WILL create some interesting thrills during your dawn to dark! Think about it for a minute, especially if you're wearin jeans, where the stitching is SOOOO thick, squirmin around in a chair WILL rub you the wrong, OR, ahem, right way! Embrace The Gaunchless Goddess; it's LIFE CHANGING guaranteed! Alright people; be free in ALL areas of life! oxooxoxox

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