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Pyramid Healing Properties

Followers! Are ya's just about on the brink of elevating yourselves to even higher realms of evolution? You damn well better be, otherwise stop reading my sexy scriptures!!! After today, you're ALL gonna redesign at least one room in your living quarters, OR, apply for a building permit for your backyard project to depict the exclusiveness of a Pyramid. Why? Pyramid Power IS based on the thesis that their shapes, assembled to the range of the Great Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, WILL generate energy that produces astonishing prosperity WITH YOUR HEALTH! A thriving number of scholarly scientists, parapsychologists, AND, kitchen sink experimenters ARE discovering that a Pyramid pattern of architecture WILL alter whatever falls within its energized enclosure. The unique configuration of this ancient engineering IS like that of a violin. A fiddle resonates sound; Pyramid's ripple energy people!! Sister's, brothers! This isn't your basic, average, run of the mill, one note energy force either. These dispositions supposedly preserve food from decay!!!! Yepper, peppers; instead of rotting; food inside a Pyramid dehydrates, mummifies, AND, stays good enough to eat! Plants, AND, seeds grown in those suckers DOUBLE in their F***IN size! You can take a time lapse photograph belonging to any of Gaia's greenery in that space, AND, you'll see 'em swayin side to side, doin the two step as they propagate! And get this; even cheap booze left under a Memorial Shrine mellows, AND? Tastes like Chivas Regal!!! Not only this grasshoppers, BUT, (Ta Da!) solid explorations theorize that those Triangular Tributes CAN polish tarnished metals, improve your slumber snoozes, tenderize your meat, cure your headaches, AND? WILL IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE SUBSTANTIALLY!!!! Holy cow crap, now that's what I'm always talkin about!!!! Reconstruction in my bedroom IS on its way ASAP!!! Wanna speed the healing of your cuts and burns, improve your meditation, AND, keep the odour out of your cesspool? Ask the Chinese, because they believed that WE ARE linked to the eternal universe from the vital force which fills those Monolith's!!! Listen up grasshoppers!! Try sleeping with a Pyramid under your blessed bunk. I've done it, AND, it makes every Goddess damn cell in my body tingly. Soooo, in today’s world, where the weighed down force, AND, the rule of rigidity's bullshit pretty much regulate the entire universe? These are issues caused due to lack of positivity, AND, direction in the lives of individuals. BUT, (still kickin things along) IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY LOVELIES!!! It's only our thought process that makes us calm, OR, agitated. To deal with all these problems, what we HAVE to do ISSSSS? Change the turbulent behaviour into a peaceful etiquette through Pyramid Healing Properties. This CAN be done Love, Love, Loveaaaasss UNDER a geometrical shaped structure that IS formed by four equilateral triangles of the same size on a square base in such a manner that it forms an apex on that square base. IT'S ALL MATHEMATICAL HERE PEOPLE!!!!! I think it's time that we each prefab our own personal structure in our back yards! Thoughts???? Sister's, brother's, this ancient wisdom IS one of the most powerful supernatural tools to heal your chakras, AND, harmonize your marvelous marbles, mortal parts, AND, sexy ass souls! Back to the MOST important of all; the triggering of SEXUAL URGES IS dramatic! Bridge THAT to your chakra balancing will ya's! Diggin even deeper here you horny hummingbirds? If the chakras are balanced with SEXUAL ENERGY streaming through them; it WILL affect your physical, AND, psychological health, bringing you to a spiritual development that THIS PLANET F***IN NEEDS RIGHT NOW!!! There's also this strong ionization effect that happens within the body during a rendezvous inside this Power Plant. Just meditating under the intrigue, OR, taking a sexy siesta beneath this Healing Compound WILL help to synchronize the seven chakras of the body. A lot of Sister's and brother's experience pleasurable awareness's, stretching from calm composure's to acute euphoria during a rumination session inside the Grand Scheme of it all! Most Lovelies, who have experimented with this type of self introspection, have expressed themselves under going a total requiescence of their body; succeeded by the shutting out of redundant external stimuli, AND, irrelevant contemplation's, AND, finally? La, la, la, achieving an altered state of consciousness which allows them to be engrossed on unfathomable intrinsic altitudes!!! Who the hell needs drugs! Other more progressive exploratory diggers, experimented with Pyramid trimmed hats if you can believe that! What they say ISSSSS? That they've been conducive in alleviating migraine beaner beaters, AND, what else? There's an expansion in learning abilities! And get this; back in April 1975, Red Kelly, the coach of the Maple Leafs hockey team, placed little Pyramids under the team's bench during the Stanley Cup playoff series. Bewilderment of wonders, the team buddy's had an upgrade in their game substantially. The results were SOOOOOO phenomenal that a whole sequence of those Little Ancient Burial Vaults WERE like CHOP CHOP inaugurated in the locker room; positioned SOOOOO that all the players HAD to pass under them when they made their entrance into the stadium! According to Edwin Newman? Listen up here grasshoppers!! THE mighty boost for morale, AND Pyramid Power came when the team captain at that time, Darryl Sittler, had failed to score in eight previous games, stood with his hockey stick under the Modified Mausoleum Mold for 10 minutes, AND, then? HAAAA! He went out, AND, scored five F***IN goals in one game, tying a league record! Hello?????

Always a pleasure to channel my chapters to you all!

Next Friday I'm building Sand Pyramids so I won't be writing for Friday's article. Enjoy your project people!


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