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Orgasmic Birth

Happy December people! Speakin about that tickled pink emotion? Let's roll out the ruby carpet to ALL new second chances for changing human evolution this coming year; by brewin up the tonic for orgasmic births? This week Love, Love, Loveassss, I'm compelled (as usual) to compose my Sacred Scrawl about THE Yoni massage, IN RELATION to the ways that we MUST nurture, AND, care for our Goddesses during the anticipation of wonder, makin the announcement of what that SURPRISE IS, AND, yepper peppers, to prepare NEW LIFE for an orgasmic start onto this Glorious Gaia of ours! I, AND, (I could give a rats ass of who doesn't) believe that honouring THE FEMALE body throughout the Gardening of Germination IS conclusively CRUCIAL to an orgasmic creation! There's a whole slew of ways to do this, BUT, (pay attention) the supreme scheme IS by engaging intimately with your TRAINED partners' physical touch techniques OF A PROPER YONI MASSAGE!!! That’s right grasshoppers! Butterfly Wing Stroking is NOT just a pastime for Sexual pleasure; it has SOOO many benefits that have been LOST sight of, AND, well, havin a Bun In The Oven IS an evolutionary time to be embracing these assets!!! Sister's, brother's, THE almighty Lily Caress in particular during the Love, Love, Love of Labour, better be close to ALL of your hearts. Why? Because it HAS PERFECTED power at unlocking Femininity, AND? Daaaaaa, it frees up tense parts of the Pelvic Palace when the parcel is bein posted, which BTW, astounds MOST delivery nurses, AND, Doctors for that matter! I just wished I had the inside scoop 25 years ago when I was flyin with the stork to home base! As Doll Faces we store ALL of our tension AND, stress in our Universal Library of Knowledge. And get this; with that constriction, new life carries all that shit over into the starting point of THEIR existence! I know, its sounds crazy, no? There ARE SOOO many reasons why we DENY this vital part of our Beautiful Body's pleasure during the sweet surrender of Virgin breath. We've been told it's suppose to be a throbbin tormented episode, RIGHT? BULLSHIT!!! Not least of all the stigma’s, AND, taboo’s society HAS attached to pretty much ALL that is Feminine; to the point where most of the time we aren't even comfortable speaking about the horrific experience of droppin anchors! Good Goddess above, did I just say droppin anchors?!!! Well, from my voluntary participation, it felt like I was takin a shit for 20 people, BUT, (It didn't have to be that way!!! Listen up grasshoppers! In terms of a Yoni Blessing during pregnancy? I believe that as Mom's to be, we HAVE a responsibility to deal with ANY emotional issues of that adored event before our Blossoms ever bud, AND, a lot of Girlfriend's declare that bein Preggo, AND, bearin the GIFT from it, is THE time that these past impassioned impulses WILL surface. Not to mention gettin those all important Den muscles as relaxed as possible for the Act of Goddess! So, if you're significant other HAS cozied you up, AND, you wanna change the status quo by experiencing amenity, NOT, agony during the most miraculous activity the universe has to offer the world; rise to the occasion Lovelies! The good Goddess damn news ISSS that there IS a way to PREVENT the turbulence of old fashion torturous spasms from flyin with Stork Airlines! Let's get down to the studies on this! Several analyzing reviews HAVE brought down the curtain that warming up the tissues around the Yoni entrance with A PROPER Yoni Love, Love, Lovin WILL prepare the Exquisite Estuary of creation to perform its magical Tour De Force!!! AND? Well daaaaaa! If a Lady Love, Love, Love HAS AND IS rehearsed; Her internal thread work muscles for widening the scope of birth, WILL give little Indigo free rein; just like tobogganing on a freshly floated country hillside; riding into life with nothin, BUT, (a smile)l!!!! Partners who have LEARN (key word here again) PROPERLY, to perform casual conditioning for just 10 minutes daily, beginning at week 35 ( I suggest at the brink of conception) HAS shown THE PATH to the promise land for our Queen's. OK, well what the hell IS the technique anyway? IT involves the GENTLE stretching of the internal Muff Meshing using ONLY ORGANIC oil lubrication; which WILL significantly decrease the rate of injury, AND, trauma from postage, AND, handling for both Tiny, AND, The Happy Hummingbird. It WILL also eliminate the need for episiotomy, you know, that intrusive, in-artistic carving near the Yoni corridor to ease the threshold into the light! If you're Laced with Love, then discuss the Ladybug flight movements with your Doc, especially if your body is gonna be facilitating its first arrival of a souls oomph, where the SKILL has PROVEN to be beneficial. If they don't have a clue as to what you're askin. YOU BEST BE REVAMPIN YOUR MEDICAL HEALER!!!!! More probing HAS been poked into this subject finding evidence that regular Yoni WORSHIP (IF YOU WILL), towards the end of bearing THE GIFT(S) can reduce the risk of tearing in first time mothers. F***, I shredded like paper; if I only had the insight back then!!! This research also spooned out that the Glorious Gravy of a Yoni Ritual WAS greater for Sister's over 30 who had not previously Blessed The Earth! Key word here, REGULAR Cunt Cuddles BEFORE, AND, on the ONSET of pregnancy replaces the body stress frequency to THE nurturing pulsations that WILL generate on a DNA level!!!! This IS what we want for The Fabulous Fetus to absorb into its' cellular structure for LEGITIMATE genius growth, mortal parts, AND, spirit!!! Yes, our future human beings WILL be transformed here people, that is IF you don't lag behind, AND, KEEP UP TO ME ON THIS!!!

What is MY conclusive evidence on how many times a week you should hold endearment to your partners' Flower of Life? EVERY F***IN DAY if you asked me!! And, for those of you out there scratchin your forehead with your tactile members, wonderin how daaa use them on your Monarch's Palace during the MOST exquisite experience you'll ever come to witness? My halls of Ivy are always thriving with new growth sprouts; GET IN THE SEE ME PEOPLE TO HONE THE CRAFT, AND, CHANGE A LIFE FOREVER!

Be well!!!


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