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Sex Sadness

Hey there people! Tell me; how many of you have ever bawled your blinkers out during La, La? Crying during Sex can make things a tad bit awkward between you and your Loveaaaaa who just might NOT register why the hell you're sobbing in the first place, AND, this applies to you men toooooo! Maybe you don't even fathom why you're booo whooing either, BUT, (the good news IS?) it’s okay if you don’t know grasshoppers! A lot of Sister's and brother's experience weepiness, OR, actual tear jerkers during, AND, even after havin Pushy. There's a ton of wisdom teachings for your salty drips (or even your partner’s glossy ones) AND, most of them aren't the sad blahs either. Pay attention Lovelies; you have to have an understanding of why you're blubbering in the first place during, OR, after Sex, that ISSSS if you want it to stop. And guys? You're NOT sneakin outta this one! You CAN cry after Love, Love, Love making too don'tcha know. Listen up my tribe; here's why it happens. Did you know that feelin the doom gloom after a bed session IS sooooo F***IN common in THE male race that there's literally a techy signature for it? The term post coital dysphoria, OR, PCD IS feelings of dumpy dejection, stewing fury, AND, (big one for a lot of people) embarrassment! Gettin down to the matter of fact here? This CAN play out solo! PCD WILL even happen in the middle of, OR, after self pleasuring. Not only is Sex Sadness a really BIG thing that's truly valid; it's surprisingly more frequent than we really know. A recent Sexy survey of college Butterflies published in Sexual Medicine started the ball rollin by concluding that 46% (which BTW, 26% of them were dudes) experienced THE SOB at least once. 5% reported feeling bitter, AND, estranged after nooky numerous times in a four week period. Soooo, this ISN'T about US Queens anymore people! In fact? An Australian research team surveyed more than 1,200 men with an online questionnaire, AND, discovered? Haaa, that MORE men than Luminous Ladies experienced PCD at some point IN THEIR BIG STRONG LIVES!!!! You bet man!! Results indicate that the male specie DOES experience maybe FAR more DIVERSE, COMPLEX, AND, SHADOWY SHIT than our F***ED up society has actually owned up to!!!! Studies show that more and more men ARE submitting to their vulnerability, THAT IS, IF HE'S DEVELOPING HIS FEMININE ESSENCE (AS HE SHOULD), AND, that susceptibleness CAN bring on the blues. The reflective period after the Sexual Union, CAN bring up an array of emotions, AND, struggles that men normally keep under their STUPID ball caps! Male survivors of Sexual assault, for instance, COULD very well feel extremely emotional IF the Sexual encounter reminded him of being invaded on in any way. Truthfully here; as I always have, AND, always will be? There ARE Women you know, who ARE actually taking FULL advantage of their Sexual Sovereignty by exercising their rights to do with a man as SHE Goddess damn well pleases, leaving the 2 legged weakling to deal with his submission ALONE; just like we Doll Faces have had to do since the beginning of F***IN time!! In another Aussie application, PCD among men WAS linked to his shy childhood Sexual misconducts, dismal dysfunctions, AND, imaginary distresses. A man who bases his self worth on how their partner feels about them ARE more likely to feel depressed after the greatest activity in the universe! That is, IF their partner doesn't treat them with the closeness they were hoping for. Hope NOT guys; it's your turn to figure it out by COMMUNICATING with us Beauties on how the hell you feel EMOTIONALLY in the midst, AND, after the butter has melted on your toast!!!!! If you experience PCD, AND, you aren't sure why, it’s a pretty DAMN good reason to see an advisor on that one studs! Someone who could help cultivate some self insight into the situation like a Sacred Sexual Healer??? Also, giving yourself an orgasm via masturbation, AND, then staying AWARE of where your mind meanders to, WILL help you get A GRIP of what might be making you feel soooooo tender. AWWWW!! Look, whether you break down, AND, give in, die laughing, or have any another type of reaction, know this people! It's NOW the time to validate your feelings DURING SEX!

Enjoy your weekend my friends!


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