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Criminology of Ejaculation

What's up people! WARNING: Today's disturbing gatherings of researched documentations I uncovered, (PLUS MY OWN RECENT BULLSHIT DISCOVERY) CLEARLY reveals the CONTINUED masculine idiocy that is STILL vibration, AND, probably will NEVER evaporate out of the atmosphere! MEN all around the world, ARE, convinced that they can keep their balls bouncing by FUCKING ejaculating their disgusting residue of their SO CALLED power drips from their USELESS taps WHERE EVER THE FUCK THEY GO!!! Look, leaving male bodily fluids to something where a person is gonna eat,, drink, OR, even live, AND, work would be specifically listed as a crime, right? Well, if you live in Minnesota, under a bill headed to the house floor, a man WAS initially charged with two gross misdemeanor counts; one of fifth degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, AND, one of attempted fifth degree Bent Sexual Tactics, after an incident this past year in which he allegedly put his kernel germ into a co-worker’s FUCKIN coffee! Are you FUCKING KIDDIN ME??? Pardon me, BUT, (let me be) I must use the full spelling version of the F bomb today!!! The charges OF COURSE were dismissed in November by a male ASSHOLE judge, WHO SAID, that the crime required non-consensual touching of the victim’s intimate parts! Under THIS bill, SPONSORED by a WOMAN Representative Prosecutor from Brooklyn Center? Parking your disgusting male NONSPIRITUAL molten in a substance intended for human consumption ISSSS a criminality!!! It would ONLY become a felony if someone ingests it without knowledge of the adulteration, with escalating penalties, that ISSSS, if it’s done for Sexual gratification, OR, of course, if the victim is a child. No shit on that one!!! The MORON (which is too nice of a word) WAS caught standing at a colleagues desk with his boxers in front of him, near what he THINKS is his prize possession, according to a criminal complaint. Ya, he PROUDLY admitted leaving his track marks onto one of our Queen's desk, AND, other items on four other FUCKIN occasions, AND, into Her Goddess damn coffee twice! Sick FUCK! BUT, (there's more) after the charges were dismissed in Ramsey County, the city of New Brighton charged the bonehead with a VIOLATION count of engaging in lewd (NO, YA THINK?) OR, indecent (UNDERSTATEMENT) behavior!!!

Same shit happened with that Whaley guy from Ontario, Canada. He pleaded guilty to mischief to property after spending years putting his pathetic juice all over his Female collaborators office, AND AGAIN, in Her coffee mug! What's with this creamin up the battery acid people? The idiot even filmed himself doing IT because 25 videos WERE confiscated by police when they searched his phone, AND, computer after the complaints CAME IN during a voyeurism investigation. This IS a scuzzy rotten apple grasshoppers, AND, extremely disturbing, AND, AND, AND???? No one had any idea that this was goin on until the recordings were discovered! Beware where you put your stir stick guys!! Sister's, brother's, listen up! This is CLEARLY STILL ABUSE goin on, BUT, (my take?) I think it falls into a grey zone (ABOUT 50 FUCKIN SHADES OF IT) in the criminal law system!!! The Court of Appeal recently upheld a Sexual assault conviction where, YET ANOTHER FUCK HEAD overpowered one of our Girlfriend's by forcing his way into HER apartment, AND, coerced our DELICATE DOLL to watch him get off!! It also DID NOT fall under a charge of criminal harassment! Why? Because it was done SECRETLY (give me a FUCKIN BREAK) AND, the victim didn’t know. One of the requirements of harassment IS that? The victim MUST feel fear. HOLY CHRIST, GIMME THAT BREAK AGAIN!!! Pay CLOSE attention here Loveaaaasss! There ARE a whole slew of ways for a (Female) persons' Sexual integrity to be violated WITHOUT a Goddess damn assault, AND? Some of them, like voyeurism, AND, the non-consensual dissemination of Sexual images, have been inserted into the Criminal Code just fairly recently. Bottom line here? It’s arduous for our Criminal Code to cover every variation of human EVIL, AND, pathology AGAINST WOMEN! People (men with these particular cases) have infinite ways to be APPALLING to The Supreme Specie on this planet; the criminal law IS always in a necessary mode of catching up, unfortunately!!! We need MORE WOMEN IN PARLIAMENT WRITING, AND, PASSING LAWS THAT'S FOR FUCKIN SURE!!!

So, dare I reveal my first hand, premier experience with this gross stunt? Are you sure? Do you really wanna know? I'm gonna FUCKIN let it outta the bag anyway! I had a client this past week wanting to SO CALL, learn to recycle his male Sexual Chi. You know, hold off from ejaculating, AND, experience the DIVINE FEMININE side of his essence by reclaiming, revamping, recycling, internalizing, channeling, sublimating, AND, enlightening his Sexual Energetic Path, OR, in his case? You decide! After TEACHING him to realign his erection, (which is what this practice IS all about!!) AND, shed some light with exercises (to take home as homework) to bring that Chi up into the body for longevity, enhanced vitality; we did a cool down meditative yoga pose for him to center back to flaccidity. I then asked him, like I always do with each client, to take their time gettin ready to depart from my front room where my seekers leave their clothing. He took his time alright! After he was gone, as usual I tidy up, BUT, (in disgust) he had ejaculated on my FUCKIN floor carpet of my Beautiful sanctuary; I FUCKIN stepped in it! Yep, SAME ATTITUDES occurred with 2 other FUCKS because they didn't wanna BECOME A BETTER MAN SEXUALLY! The first one didn't leave behind his BULLSHIT; instead he revenged by stealing my Bluetooth speaker. Second loser? I caught him masturbating on my liberator chair, ya, jerkin off man! Busted! UNDERSTAND THIS; IF YOU COME TO ME AS A NEW CLIENT, AND, THINK YOU'RE GONNA REACH ENLIGHTENMENT WITH ME IN PRACTICE AT MY SANCTUARY BY DOING ANY OF THIS SHIT? I WILL NOW BE WATCHIN YA UNTIL YOU GET DRESSED AND LEAVE MY OASIS WITH MY MACHETE!

You think I would 'ave learned the first two times. All things come (pardon the pun) in threes I guess! Holding face, AND, carrying humour, as usual! My new book entitled "The Memoirs of a Tantra Sexual Healer" written by (me) Dakini IS in the works people. The pages WILL be filled with THE RAW TRUTH of what REALLY goes on, AND, what it takes to train men to Sexual Refinement. Watch for it!

BTW, I BURNT that FUCKIN carpet! in harsh ceremony down by Lake Ontario!!!

I still Love, Love, Love you all, BUT, (lastly) feel that there's NO HOPE for the stupidest 2 legged creatures on the face of this planet; it's like they're STUCK in the old paradigm!! oxoxoxo

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