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Anahata @ Heart

Happy belated Heart's Day grasshoppers! You know what most Sister's and brother's still DON'T get ISSSSS? Well, if you must know, the energy contained in the body Chakras ARE measured by a variety of neuro chemicals, AND, sensitive electromagnetic frequencies, capable of generating PHENOMENAL great fortune in their lives! AND? Since we just came off of The Day of Affection; we're gonna hit the NERVE CENTER for the disposition of that 4th Chakra that's tucked up cozy inside your rib cage; SOOOOO you can all GET IT ONCE AND FOR ALL Loveaaaasss! Yep, you gotter; that little beater that WAS (with hope) furiously throbbin yesterday, ISSSS gonna determine our HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, AND, how it's calibrated in all of our Sister's, and brother's breathing enthusiasms out there! There's some real cool Kinesiology muscle testing being performed by this Sexy little Kinesiologist in Massachusetts that creates a map of CONSCIOUSNESS on how each Chakra is actually gauged. BUT, (Surprisingly) let your Einstein in on the scoop below; check out the BIG RED THUMPER PUMPER!! Crown (600) Third Eye (525) Throat (350) HEART (800) - HOLY SHIT! Solar Plexus (275) Sacral or Spleen (275), and Base or Root Chakra (200) Alrighty now, let's get down to the root of all this! The number associated with each Chakra basically represents a figure in a logarithmic scale from 1 to 1,000 of energetic force, which CAN also be associated to a particular emotion. The Heart chakra, (OUR ANAHATA CHAKRA) which BTW In Sanskrit, means unhurt, unstruck, AND, unbeaten. It also refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound in the celestial realm. CLEARLY, a definite association with balance, calmness, AND, serenity. This center squares off at a whooping 800 when it's at full throttle! Yeppers my peppers, it holds that emotion of Love, Love, Love, a way of being that is faultlessly forgiving, authentic nurturing, AND, actively supportive. It does NOT proceed from the confused ball on your shoulders. RATHER? It emanates from the Heart Brain grasshoppers? That Love focuses on the essence of any situation, not the F***IN details! It deals with organic wholes, NOT USELESS pesticide particulars. As perception is REPLACED with luminous vision, it ISSSS the tool center FOR MANIFESTATION, AND? It takes NO Goddess damn position, AND, sees the intrinsic value of Love, Love, Lovability for all that exists. I wanna talk to ya's about demonstrating external substance from the Heart grasshoppers. What am I referring to? Well, artlessly learning how to tap into ITS Kundalini energy that lives in the depths of your halfway point of your garden; exponentially more authoritative than your Goddess Damn Solar Plexus by far! Soooo, when you activate the passions of Love, Love, Love, AND, appreciation DURING SEX OF COURSE, you create an electro magnetic field that WILL begin to attract, OR, draw towards you ALL the merited Sister's and brother's, playful events of life, ace in the hole of resources as well as worldly circumstances that WILL help you to unambiguously actualize your HEART'S DESIRES! Hence, resulting in outstanding physical, rainless mind, AND, HEARTWARMING well being of course! This, my friends, ISSSSS what it means to Manifest from the Heart! Use that 800 drive force of your Cupid concerns to EXPAND THE SHIT outta your electro magnetic attractor field; Sooooooo that you can ultimately receive with open sentiment of what your Love, Love, Love muscle is truly longing for! We're in it people; 2019 ISSSSS Heart power in action year; don't F***IN waste it! The first element in the law of Heart based materialization IS complete, AND, total presence DURING? DAAAAAA! As apposed to mind based manifestation F***ING, which IS created from the STUPID ego; presence does NOT allow it to worm its way into the equation here, BECAUSE? The NOW always dissolves the BULLSHIT out of self admiration, AND? Pathetic pride WILL do everything it can to evade It by projecting your marbles into the future, OR, past for that matter. Ya, sure as shit my twinklers, mind based creative goals CAN be achieved, BUT, (undoubtedly) they will ALWAYS come with THE highest premium! To get to pure presence, then begin the process of Heart based revelations? Pay close attention! You MUST first learn to transcend your self dominant, AND, it’s F***ED up shadow side kick; you know, the pain body. Until you do? You're NOT gonna be able to disclose a bean of shit from the Heart. What you'll do ISSSS? Continue to create from the brain, AND, therefore the results WILL always bring you some form of tormented suffering along with whatever other crap you’ve created. Imaging, OR, imagining an idea IS the second part of this comparison. BUT, (movin on here) this CAN'T be forced by no means! It can ONLY come spontaneously to you when you're breezeless, receptive, AND, not all caught up in the minds agenda! I've said it before, AND, I'll say it forever an again; this IS where Sexual meditation IS key people! Heart based, creative ideas can ONLY come to you when you're INTIMATELY IN THE NOW. Anahata @ Heart IS the ONLY Chakra that carries REFINED, spiritual energy. It's the Energy Center that IS THE gateway between the material, AND, the spiritual; SOOOO by making Love, Love, Love, on Anahata? You’re not only with yourself, AND, your Loveaaaaa; you’re engaging in an IMMENSELY POTENT spiritual/Sexual practice for the ULTIMATE OPPORTUNITY to prominent visualization! Did I make myself perfectly clear? Carry over the Love, Love, Love from yesterday people! oxoxoxo

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