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Lifted, Lusty Ladybug Libido

Hi Lovelies! Ladies, what's the altitude level of your flight for Sex? Well, we pretty much ALL know that for guys, it's a common brain buzz, right? BUT, (to get you goin here) for Luminous Lasses? A soaring Sex drive ISN'T a raunchy thing in any way; AND? NEEDS TO BE ENCOURAGED!!! My Kindred Gals, if you’re wonderin why your appetite for pushy, pushy ISN'T as high as you'd like it to be, these ARE the simple scientific reasons why. I’m guessing most of you are reading this thinking that a Lifted Libido only really applies to the testosterone danglers, no? BUT, (once again) The Queen Bee's CAN be SOAKING WET with a sky high SEX drive too you know! As a matter of the facts here? Little Dew Drops notice more when they have a loftier drive to F*** more than men, BECAUSE? Most Sister's generally think guys are supposed to be this way. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER LOVEAAAAS! Even though it’s DEFINITELY true that men SEEM to want "IT" more often than us Doll Faces; there ARE Gorgeous Goddesses (included MOI) who have a particularly elevated thirst for some action between their Ladylike limbs. The reason for having a stronger Sexual appetite actually HAS a lot more to do with science, AND, DNA than it does for just wantin to get laid! Sooooo, let it be true people; sometimes US GIRLS just can’t control it either. AND WHY SHOULD WE ANYWAY? Guys have been in Sexual supremacy for centuries which IS why men's libido's have carried the endurance, UP TO THIS POINT! You already know I can’t tell you enough about how healthy Sex is for you Beautiful Babes in the modern spotlight. Abstaining from "IT" for personal reasons, OR, your STUPID upbringing IS one thing, BUT, (hello) everyone of you Supreme Specie's SHOULD get out there, AND, whip "IT" up damn it!!! In addition to just feeling great, AND, reducing stress, you can actually become a healthier Woman SPIRITUALLY because of "IT"! Havin a Lifted, Lady Bug Libido iS NOT a sleazy thing at all; so long as it doesn’t interfere with your life, OR, turn into a monkey on your back! That being said, some of you on the other side of the coin may be wonderin why IT ISSSSS if you're anything like me, that you just can’t get enough. Here's what's goin on you Gorgeous grasshoppers! By ALTERING your DNA with just your Sexual energy, OR SEX itself, plays a colossal casting performance here my tribe, AND, every Woman HAS the delicious opportunity NOW to change it. We’re ALL made up of DNA, AND, therefore from our past lineage, we've had uncolourful desires with limited frequencies. Yepper peppers, you might as well blame your depressed libido on your genes here! BUT, (if) your body craves LA LA more often than others IN THIS TIME on Earth, that’s perfectly peachy Princesses! It's Her Creatrix pushing Her message for you to shift! Girlfriends, if you want more of ITS' energy, you HAVE to generate "IT" DAILY just like I do with my work. This IS why I'm ooozzzzing with Chi, I honestly go through withdrawal if I have 1 day that I don't power my Feminine Sexual Essence. Here's a reflection Girls, think back to when you dove into that new relationship. Did you feel that Sexy surge with that fresh someone, AND, notice the influx with your Feminine Juices? Well, the fact here ISSSS? You were havin nookie more (right?) which IS the reason why that lusty urge barbed on ya! Listen, when you're havin "Ta Da" a lot more than you’re used to, your body ends up craving it. It’s kinda like when you start crunchin on junk food after a long time of only feeding on healthy handouts. Lol! You end up gettin the munchies more than when you didn’t have it at all. IT BECOMES AN ADDITION!!!! So, if you’re in a NEW relationship, AND, you’re gettin screwed all the time, WELL, it only meets the approval for your libido to SPIKE! First of all, you’re super attracted to this person; not to mention the fact that they’re VIRGIN MEAT TO YOU makes it even more spine tingling. Secondly, you’re havin Sex (hopefully) at extended intervals (The Tantric Rhythm, REMEMBER?), AND, that my friends WILL increase your driving force all on its own. That additional amount of blood flow to your Yoni's Ladies WILL make you F***IN hornier than you ever thought possible. AND? IF your Aunt Flow is still droppin in every month, She'll even send you off with amassed amounts blood down to your Sexy South Pole! This my (soon to be) drenching wet Wild ones IS why many Baronesses are Sizzlin when they’re meetin up with Her Highness! Listen up here! You don't have to be with fresh lion right outta the jungle; if you’re horny still being around that long term roaring simba, just get your Lioness on, AND, damn well care of it and that's that! The more you hold it back, the more toxic your Beautiful Bodies WILL become as you gracefully go on into your years! I’m sure your long term accomplice won’t be too upset at the idea of you using them to get the job done; THAT WHAT HE WANTS LADIES! DO NOT, I repeat, DON'T distract yourself with those mundane domestic activities all the time, BE A F***IN WOMAN! When you notice that you’re ovens on fire, throw away the F***IN laundry, cleaning, book reading, watching that movie that does NOT have any Sex scenes anyway, AND, just grab your comrade by his amplifiers, AND, make him take his place in life! There’s nothing to be ashamed of, EVER!!! TRUST ME, use "IT" or loose "IT" Lucy's!!!

Okki dokki Darlings, time to take the drivers Sexy seat, AND, initiate the journey!


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