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The Fem Gem

Hey Lovely ones! All IS Femininely abundant I trust? It HAS to be, you see, in the Tantra way of life, the Divine Soft energy IS our Yin, The Lunar, Her Shakti, OR, even the Docile Slackness that EVERY human being has within them, REGARDLESS of gender. BUT, (just to rally the ball on ya's) opposing that for centuries, we've had the masculine solar, the yang, shiva, AND, that over progressive oscillation basically sabotaging the Gentle Girly Grid. All through our culture the values of the gallant essence, the power of producing the go, go, going, AND, the do, do, doing over the Effeminate IS STILL taking over. Pay close F***IN attention here! After all this Goddess damn time of me spewing out the caution that needs to be taken on this issue; we're still NOT being carefully mindful of the consequences for encouraging endurance of bloody testosterone!!! Look, we DO need BOTH in order to persevere BALANCE through life's weather patterns in this crazy modern World of today, right? You gotta be on the same page as me with this one people!!! Our Planet would be an exceptionally, more serene place if we ALL allowed our Ladybug rhythm to flow WITHOUT THE SHAME OF BEING DELICATELY BENDABLE! It's the vibration of simply being, of self Love, Love Love, compassionately cushy, intuitively intelligent, AND, streaming the Female Cosmic Knowledge AT EVERY F***IN OPPORTUNITY! Can you just imagine what a radical revolution it would be IF ALL OF US moved through life from this Sensual (The Feminine) space? If WE (particularly you men) ALL COLLECTIVELY use this crystal I'm about to mention below, to tap into our innate Feminine strength that resides within EVERYONE of us? Gaia, AND, all of Her residence would heal miraculously! There ARE soooooo many ways to generate the Universal Moxie of the Superior Driving Force, AND, I have gone PURPLE IN THE FACE explaining how to do it in previous scriptures! You NEED to get your hands on Lovely Labradorite grasshoppers, AND, add Her to your (hopefully existing) repertoire of all things Dainty! Using this Fem Gem to absorb Her Yin elements WILL power you in ways you never thought before people; WITH CONSISTENCY! You HAVE to meditate with them in the palms of your grippers to create a crystal grid for amplifying The Feminine Frequency. They MUST be recharged in FILTERED DISTILLED water under Her Full Moon, THEN? Suck back that tonic! Incorporate those little jewels into your yoga practice by wearing them, AND, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHERE on your Gorgeous garden WILL also enhance that Queen Bee vibration. Put them in your bath Loveaaaasss! Scatter them PLENTIFULLY all around your home in different territories. Wear them as jewelry to carry Her energy throughout your day. Yepper, my SENSUAL peppers; this ALSO applies to you guys more than ever. I'm seriously, absolutely austere here grasshoppers; make yourselves a Labradorite cock ring, AND, tame that F****IN piece of meat of yours! Labradorite MUST be used daily, WHY? Because you keen minded friends; it’s all about hatching open intuition, AND, self discovery right now on this Planet! Like no shit Sherlock's; what could be more Divinely Feminine than that? This IS a stone that WILL raise your consciousness, AND, bring universal harmony, creating a shift inside yourself that's gonna cause a ripple effect into Her World! The generous jewel IS wise Witchery which WILL awaken your mystical, AND, magical abilities along with psychic powers. They embody deeply felt resonance that's EXTREMELY powerful. Using them WILL bring amazing changes to your zing didi do, AND, Her pulsations also holds a broad level of protection from masculine negativity, so they CAN NEVER be used for ill will. You'll see as a user that this prize rock IS quite visible with its' dashing spirit; because it just seems to work almost immediately. I'm not shitin ya's! Some of Her well known attributes include Her action to boost your Spiritual gifts, enhance telepathic competence, AND, She also has many excellent healing properties; once again ALL FEMININE TRAITS. ALL SOUNDING TOO GIRLY FOR YA? Then go join the F***IN men's club then!! Dissecting the chakras here? She seems to also be an energy center mineral for every power house point from your pumper thumper up, including the throat, third eye, crown, AND, soul star chakra. These powerful healing crystals ARE used to stimulate sensory awareness, increase coincidence, AND, synchronicity. They're also very well known for their action to boost Spiritual bequests. This IS because, within the throat chakra they stimulate stronger psychic communication abilities, AND, from the third eye chakra they work to enhance both telepathic, AND, prophetic offerings. Listen, back in the day, (AND YOU KNOW WHAT DAYS I'M TALKIN ABOUT) Labradorite Crystals WERE known as the Sexy Stone of White Crafty Magic in the circle around the Female Fires, why? Because it WAS CLEAR that those Dancing Gal Pal's who used them HAD ACCESS to a VAST range of The Mystical Dexterity Realm. Soooo, what would those magical properties of Labradorite be you ask? Well, its' quiet quivers have ALWAYS been displayed to be associated with the heart chakra, AND, compassionate caring, peaceful Ladylike Luminosity; you know, a constancy that the masculine DOES NOT, AND, CONTINUES ITS REFUSAL TO run on! It reawakens THE HUMAN heart to Love, Love, Love, reminding US of our capacity to BOTH hand it over, AND, take possession of unconditional Love, Love, Love again damn it; from yourself, other earthlings, AND, the Goddess Damn Universe! I'm not trying to sing Kumbaya here, BUT, (to close things off) these ARE the ancient technologies we need to re-establish NOW!

Go buy yourselves a bouquet of fresh flowers every week to boot! Just another Sisterhood practice guys, for elevating the Divine pulse!



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