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Ocular Interstellar Course

Hey you eyeful of charmers! Tell me this hasn't happened to you before, AND, that it won't F***IN bump into you again. You're in a crowded bar, social club, OR, even when you're out and about in your daily life's journey, when outta the blue? Your persuasive watchers accidentally catch the noticing gaze of a Sexy ass stranger; you know Girlfriends, one like Bradley Cooper for instance! A bolt of F****IN electricity zaps through your Goddess damn body, AND, your horny button IS suddenly turned on. What next? Proceed with the art of eye Sex Loveaaaas! Wanna get the run down on Sexual surveillance for the next time you fasten your bullets onto a faceless hotty? My Sexpert advise today IS on condom free La La grasshoppers! Let's break down the proper technique for penetration free SEX! Look, we’ve ALLLLLLL got a definition for it, some of which are informed by religious texts, while others rely on what they've heard on those Sex talk shows at 2:30 a.m! The rest of the barrel of monkeys depends on the golden scrap of knowledge that their brain neuro plasticity recorded from that weirdo who sat behind them on the bus back in 7th grade. Some schools of thought believe that what can be classified as SEX are those acts that have been tagged as so by the confusing English language; original oral, annexed anal, AND? Vaginal of course! Some Sister's and brother's even believe that only the good ol’ penis in the Pussy penetration is the only thing that counts as Sex. To be honest with ya's; I think that everything IS F****IN Sex! What better word is there for catchin that stranger’s glance and knowing exactly what’s running through their mischievous little minds? Or how about a casual brush of Sensual skin against the person you’ve been salivating over, FOREVER? Well, I can assure you that these small acts, AND, flits of quick passion, arouse all the same faculties as full blown interstellarcourse! And what makes them even more Sexual ISSSSSS their ephemerality!!! Your bloody hairs stand on their ends, yearning to caress that passionate pelt. That very own horny hemoglobin of yours rushes through your body's boulevards, filling your veins with those chemicals that burst open the fragile cage of butterflies lying in your solar plexus. Listen up my tribe! Our definition of Sex MUST be expanded to include ALL the precious steps leading up to THE UNION itself. Important lessons concerning these behaviors that suffer outside the umbrella of what is commonly thought of as Sex MUST BE IMPLEMENTED AND INGRAINED! Specifically? A method of what I like to call Optical Interstellar Course, which BTW seems to be a dying art! Eye Sex IS one of the simplest, AND, the most powerful forms of Pushy ever generated! Our little lookers ARE constantly feeding on our environment, making them a PERFECT target for slick, nonverbal flirting people! Whether it’s an acquaintance or a complete F***IN wanderer, there's really NO limit to whose pupils you can capture AS LONG AS you have the proper technique in place. Looky nooky IS a lot like fishing; you know, sometimes you have to leave the bait out there for a while before you even get a bite, right? To start this ball rollin, long gazes ARE in order here. I’m NOT talkin about some clockwork orange, tape on the eyes kinda stuff. Be completely NON CREEPY and just cast your ALL SEEING CIRCLES towards your target for a solid three seconds. If they didn’t look, just try it again. They’ll have absolutely no idea. Here's how you do IT people! You see someone you’re interested in, right? Stare at them, Intently; like you’re F****IN hungry! Give them the “I’m going to pounce on you” eyes and then slowly undress them; theoretically, that is. It’s the ultimate torturing tease. Getting turned on simply from the intensity of someone’s riveting glimpse IS steamy grasshoppers! Like, really F***IN hot! It leaves us wanting more, no? I'd say it deposits the debris of wondering just how F***IN amazing this being would actually preform in bed! Peeper penetration as foreplay IS simply where the seduction begins; PERIOD END OF THE SHORT SEXY ASS STORY! Holding someone’s dazzle, strips away all the STUPID smart phones, AND, computer screens we’ve become so concernedly dependent on, AND, allows us to simply beam into someone’s eagle balls without a filter, OR, a useless hashtag for that matter of fact! Once contact has been made, maintain it for a comfortable half a second, AND, then? Casually flick your flare off in any direction. Just to see if it’s an actual hit, OR NOT? Repeat the process a second time, AND? Just gauge their interest. Facial expressions will tell ya whether, OR, not they’re scared shitless of ya, OR, their eyes are just as thirsty as yours. IF, they go for the hook the second time; the next step ISSSSSS? Keep them on that Sexy snag by slippin on that sultry smile before you look over. Let them catch you sizin them up. Toss your eyes over while you cackle at your friend’s joke that you didn’t even hear because you’re too F****IN focused on spy F***IN!!! All will serve as the perfect lure, placing you at the pinnacle of their ocular interest! Soon enough Loveaaaaaas their vital visuals WILL be glued to you like a fly on an insect strip, THEN? It’s time to reel in your catch! If this mark of attention IS to reach its climax, at least one of two techniques must be employed. Use THE craving wink, OR, THE eager eyebrow raise here people. Listen Lovelies, winking HAS all the savor of a 1950’s diner without all the grime of all the grease; if ya know what I mean? A quick Sexy sparkler WILL deliver the message while maintaining your class act, AND, displaying your spectacular eyelid control. BUT, (took long enough didn't it?) those eyebrow raises ARE FOR THE BOLD, allowing you to effortlessly assert your Sexuality, AND, intent! Either or WILL serve to lead the recipient over to you, AND? Ultimately into your playroom; where ever the hell that may be! Pay attention here Sister's, and brother's! Even though Ocular Interstellar Course IS arousing, amusing, AND frisky? IT, on its own won't always act as a substitute for that powerful purity, risky rawness, of primal physicality, BUT (finally) it HAS to be that prerequisite that WILL INEVITABLY lead to what you know IS comin down the pike to ya's!

Play with this Loveaaassss!


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