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Comatose Orgasms

Hi all! How's IT goin? I gotta tell ya, this outstanding world of the Internet has recently become CAPTIVATED with a NEW phenomenon known as Erotic hypnosis. Why? Well, because we'll (with hope) NEVER tire in our human quest to hack our Orgasms that's why! Nor should we!!! So just what the hell ISSSSS Erotic hypnosis anyway? It's a kinda guided meditation with INTENTIONS to relax, AND, turn you on SOOOOOO much, that you CAN Orgasm with no touching at all! Does this sound unachievable? You must know it's NOT grasshoppers!!!! This IS basically the ol' copy cat method of STREAMING THE ANCIENT PRACTICES of Taoism in modern digital times!

Look, despite how tactile, AND, corporeal Sex ISSSSS; there's also a HUMONGOUS psychological principle root to "IT". That's why when you're NOT in "THE MOOD" for Pushy, you're much less prone to find "IT" gratifying if your Einstein ball isn't feeling down to gettin Sexy. Overriding your mortal parts with this ISSSSS troublesome, BUT, (yepper, peppers) there's a flip side here. If your beaner ISSSSS really impassioned, AND, turned on, you CAN Orgasm just from that alone! These ARE the stats peopel! You get more than 20,000 hits when you Witch hunt for "Erotic Hypnosis" on YouTube, AND, each video portrays something slightly divergent for any viewer. Some flicks feature sooooooothing, dreamy tantalizing tones detailing hot Sexual encounters while figures of scantily clad Women hovering by the screen. HONESTLY, REALLY???!!! Then, there's others that go the more traditional hypnosis route, with soft verbatim tales that focus on the energy in your solar plexus, lower thighs, AND THEN, your groin as an endlessly spinning wheel rotates in front of ya! MUCH BETTER VISION!!!! Seriously? Erotic hypnosis operates IN THE EXACT SAME WAY that long established hypnotherapy does; it makes you PARLOUS, and, THIN SKINNED to the power of suggestion by puttin your Sexy ass in an astonishingly nonchalant predicament! Sister's, brother's, it's NOT the sedative state of affairs itself that's salubrious about slumbering apathy, BUT, (as I must tell ya's) it's THE ACCOUTERMENTS of the suggestions that the hypnotist makes, while you're in that amicable place that's gonna sway ALL your Sexy asses to oblivion!!! Soooooo, given that glazing ecstasy IS potent insofar as it leaves your meditative marbles open to sneaky angles, the idea of Erotic swooning starts to instigate the BIG picture with all of this. When THE STRESS, AND, MIASMA of life IS purged from your noodle, THEN? You've got the mental space to get really turned on just by aural stimulation alone (Tee hee, one of my favourite homophones out there, BTW). What the bewilderment of Erotic lethargy really comes down to ISSSSS particular iteration of the very common desire for? SMITTEN THIRST! In many ways Lovely ones, the Sexual nature for any of these YouTube videos comes from the idea that you're surrendering complete control of your reasoning wits about you (AND by extension, your body) to the soft spoken words of that particular horny human in the video! Like any kind of hypnotherapy, a Sensual trance takes a bit of time to learn how to do; meaning you probably won't have the big "O" the very first time you view one of these engulfing cyber scenes, BUT, (hey you might!). Sooooooo, if you're NOT up for the committed pledge, you can try incorporating these pleasurable passivity techniques to add a metaphysically Orgasmic element to your own individual Sex life!

Try deep breaths to help ya relax, which gives leeway in your lucidity territory, leavin ya??? Daaaaaaa, meditatively susceptible for that freedom of good fortune, PURE SEXUAL PLEASURE!!! The most important element of a Seductive coma state ISSSSS the way your Loveaaaaasaassss words PENETRATE your subconscious. Whether your with a partner, OR, DIY-ing it, a little ravishing recitations WILL do wonders for your vagary! If you can get your mind free of distractions long enough before ya jump into the Sexy sak, you WILL more than likely be present, AND, sprouting that green thumb for reaching those Peaked Spasms.

My final thought as usual? If you can put your bull's eye on what you're feeling without overstewin your noggin (that is), PAY ATTENTION HERE, focus on the sensations rather than what ya think you should/shouldn't be feeling, OR, the F***IN pile of laundry in the corner of your squinter''s for that matter, you just might be able to achieve that transcendent kinda turn on that Sister's, and brother's seek out from the Tantra, AND, Taoist practices of making Love, Love, Love that I provide!!! In theory, this IS what all the hype IS about with these screen shots, AND, could change the way grasshoppers view their Sexuality all together. Look people, Sex IS a source of enticing tinglin passions, AND, emotional connections, BUT, (my take) beyond that, it HAS TO BE an altered state of consciousness in order to TRANSCEND above what we've been taught to believe about plain ol' Sex!!!

Happy, healthy, horny hypnosis people!


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