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The Courageous Feminine Male

Hey you fearless followers; did ya all miss me? I know, I know; you blubbered your eye balls out all week long didn't ya's? Well, I did toooooo when I was strollin down the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica! I mean, I wailed my beautiful bronchis out at sunset every Goddess damn jungle day! Speaking of sniveling; I recently witnessed A MAN cryin across the room from me when I was out for lunch with an intimate acquaintance the other day. He (notably) WASN'T tryin to camouflage his brave behaviour either. No spongin away the tears, OR, mutterin about somethin being in his Goddess damn eye either! Yepper, peppers, he sobbed WITHOUT shame in the middle of a busy downtown Toronto cafe. I'd have to say, I WAS a little dumbstruck, BUT, (on the contrary) pleased to be a spectator of this heroic event! Honestly grasshoppers, like I’m used to being on the scene for those emotional chats with other Sister's, BUT, (again) one with a brother is NOT something I'm accustomed to, BUT, (I must say) eager to invite into my arena of realism!!!! After all, from my forbearance? MOST, IF NOT ALL men usually VETO an emotive situation with a ten foot F***IN pole!!! Well, at least in public that is.

When I was studying the gawks from other cafe goers, it WAS NOT hard to see motives of gander; WHY? Because In Toronto, this seems to be the land of starring students, lost in their evolution, AND, I was NOT surprised with the ignorance of people in this city!!! Any Girlfriend cryin in a rat race stage would easily peasily be given looks of sympathy, for all one knows a comforting hug, OR, touch from a passerby, BUT, (as you must know) this WAS NOT the reaction our fellow bro got. You would 'ave thought he was sittin on a pile of dog shit with the looks of repugnance, impertinence, AND, (believe it, OR, not) even DREADED HORROR he was winning over! Look grasshoppers, even though it's FACTUAL that Butterflies have endured wrenched behaviour from THE masculine tyrannized zoo of this world; on a different level? So have men! They've HAD to bury their emotions, AND, Feminine essence. Causing? UNNECESSARY torture to themselves, AND, more importantly? OTHERS AROUND THEM!!!! It's NOW time to come together to heal, AND, honour the Effeminate side of US ALL; The Courage of THE True Femininity. So, after he shed his bitter waters in the cafe? He embraced it out with his male pal he was with (AWWWWW), AND left; probably driving off to a men’s jammin session in a shed somewhere, stocked with six packs of cold beer! Who F***IN knows right?

Pay attention Loveaaaaaas! Embracing the male Feminine essence DOESN'T mean high heels, AND, a cute dress. Male Femininity ISN'T about being attracted to guys, AND, that for Women, it ISN'T about pleasin men either; heaven forbid!!! A man who takes ownership of his Satiny Fleece energy does NOT need to be afraid of losin his masculinity at all. Look guys, it ISSSS in your best interest to SEIZE your softer Sensual side; which BTW, WILL lead to longer, happier horny lives grasshoppers!

Who gives a rats ass what others in that snack pit stop the other day might have scrutinized; for all we F***IN know this brothaaaaaa really could have his shit together, no? I'm suspecting he does just because of his actions for grit 'n' guts! Listen, it's a proven FACT that healthy, AND, balanced cavemanish energy ISSSSS the source of a nurturing, AND, reliable provider; a stupendous parent, family participant, AND, consort! BUT, (Ta Da!) when the virile energy is off kilter, AND, the Tender side is an iceburg, we WILL have trouble connecting to our hopefully BIG RED PUMPERS, OR, allowing those closest to us in for Goddess sake!

Another thing? It's been GLOBALLY researched that men HUGELY outpaced Lady Lilies for suicides, BECAUSE OF THE OVERRATED CHEST BEATING ATTITUDE; suffering 15.6 deaths per 100,000 compared with 7.0 for US Girlfriends. On the other hand, when men nuzzle up to their Gentleness, something riveting emerges! Men, AND, Women ARE able to SUPPORT each other DEVOTEDLY, forging healthy, AND, esteemed partnerships, both romantically, OR, otherwise. Once a brother LEARNS to unleash his Mushy side? Well, immense revelations unfold in his romantic relationship, social rapports, AND, his connection with his Mothaaaaaaaaa!!! Not only this, BUT, (Tee Hee) you guys WILL WITHOUT WARNING, exercise more, AND? Even chase down your INNER dreams vibrantly!!! Prick up your ears here my dears! THE original languages DIDN'T even have She or he. The Feminine and masculine WASN'T even a concept. People were just F***IN people and that's that! A change back to the past IS enlightening US ALL NOW. An inspiring shift retraced to a balance between Sweet Sister energy, AND, the two fisted intensity seems to have already started in the young men of today, which BTW HAS been expressed in a study led by the University of British Columbia. The delving expedition found that millennial men in Canada are NOW starting to value traditionally Feminine traits over traditional male ideals; for example, physical strength via YOGA PRACTICES, (hmmmmm, you don't say) AND, autonomy.

Once EVERYONE understands the OBVIOUS changing energetic's of this ENORMOUS transit that IS presenting itself to men right now; this WILL facilitate the path for them to advance as a HEALING SPECIE. We Doll Faces have longgggggg known the aptitude of our talents for the Feminine, harnessing it to create harmony within ourselves, AND, our family lineage around us. Without that Essence, our species surely would NOT have survived as long as we have. As Sister's, we HAVE supported each other, our offspring, AND, our men by ourselves F***IN long enough!! NOW is the time to thrive as one humanity. The collective force IS rising up on Gaia, an energy of The Courageous Feminine Male awakening. It's a F***IN monumental shift people, from the male dominance of human consciousness BACK TO a PROPERLY balanced relationship between Feminine, and masculine! If you feel the confusing transition brother's? STOP FUCKING FIGHTING IT!!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the passage through!


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