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Buried, AND, Erased Wisdom

Welcome to my revelations again grasshoppers! We've got papyrus shreds scattered all over ancient times, when Female disciples, AND, deities WERE writing fundamental FACTS of the matter; contrary to SO CALLED popular belief! BUT, (to get things rollin here) ancient geopolitics caused them to be DELIBERATELY DISCONTINUED! Listen up Lovelies; a mummified crocodile in the back streets of Oxford might NOT be an obvious guardian for one of life's GREATEST mysteries. BUT, (again) a 2,000 year old treacle brown remains, made up of recycled scraps of Egyptian papyrus, torn up to encase the reptile, hide HARD EVIDENCE of a substantial Herstorical cover up. NOW, stored in 100 year old kerosene cans, AND, pioneer biscuit tins, the ancient fragments WERE originally dumped as rubbish in ancient Oxyrhynchus (that's the town of the sharp nosed fish). Their salvation? Two British archaeologists from 1896, heard that locals were using the papyri remnants as organic fertilizer, what a Goddesssend!!!! Pay attention here people! These promising smidgens rewrite Herstory my dear followers!!!

So far? Only 5% of the MILLION or so scrap ribbons HAVE been translated. BUT, (guess what?) they embody the concerns, AND, priorities of Women who WERE on the streets from the first century BC to the fourth century AD, definitely scribblin their scriptures of shrewd sagacity! Crucially people, this WAS a time, AND, place where Feminine Sapience ruled, AND, strolled the boulevards. We find HER name Sophia again, AND, yet again in Jewish, Christian, AND, Pagan papyrus texts. BUT, (Ta Da) Sophia, the mystical Female presence whose appearance ISSSS only FLEETING in the Hebrew handbook, AND, THE New Testament, WAS clearly once a household name, AND a fixture in everyday lives.

And Soooooooo, to Rome? It IS the bastion of religious tradition, AND, the seat of the RESISTANCE to Female Pulpiteer's! The F***IN vatican, a Goddess damn boys’ club in sackcloth, AND, sandals make the remark that it’s all about men! True enough my tribe, BUT, (my take) this IS hammered home several times by the narration in the F***IN bible!! I MOST CERTAINLY am NOT panic stricken of ridicule here Lovelies!! Look, there IS some very specific interpretation of Slender Extracts from the gospels, AND, a series of wall paintings unearthed in a Naples catacomb. AND? Together they indicate that our Ancient Butterflies played a much bigger part in this PLOTTED CHRONICLE than we ever imagined. Haa! Experts laugh about hot flushes in the noonday heat as they question why Magdalene IS always portrayed as a louche nympho with the hots for God’s (??) son when there is NO F****IN evidence for this in the Goddess damn bible at all!

The theories MAY be hard to prove, BUT, I'm saving the best til last. Researching THE ancient Women of Naples steered me to a series of wall paintings that WERE uncovered in which a Sister IS depicted holdin the gospels in flame! Listen to me here, to my understanding? This could ONLY symbolize that She WAS a bishop! Until now, our Swans in the ol' guide book HAVE been SPLIT broadly into pious onlookers, OR, repentant prostitutes. BUT, in Jesus’ time Female disciples WERE real!!! There's proof that THE Women in the greatest F***IN story ever told HAVE been gradually sidelined, AND, all BUT, erased!!!!

Today we talk a great deal about the perilous place that Petticoat points of view, AND, keen intuition HAS on the World's stage. The confirming Oxyrhynchus papyri suggest that there WAS a time when Girly Gumption WAS foundational. When Christianity developed as the GOVERNING VENERATION of the new Roman Empire under Sir Asshole Constantine the 1st in the 4th century AD, it needed tidying up. Suddenly the evangelicals didn't have just a faith, BUT, (if you didn't know) a territory of their own. A muscular military structure protected the (extensive) domains of the One True God (HA!), AND, a burgeoning population of (male) scribes, AND, clerics set out to protect the new pious canon from heresy. Effeminate erudition WAS decided, for the need to recognize HER limits; a point succinctly made by orthodox Christian writers. A Woman who stretched Herself forward, until She encountered the Power that sustains, AND, preserves all things? Was called HER LIMIT!

This all helps to explain a conundrum that has longggggg pissed me off!! At the birth of society, AND, civilization, I find a religious landscape littered with Feisty Female deities who make intelligent foresight their Goddess damn F***IN business! Look at Nisaba the Babylonian Goddess who looks after the stores of both grain, AND, knowledge in Mesopotamia. What about the Hindu Goddess Saraswati? The Zoroastrian Anahit, the ancient Greek Athena; AND, the Shinto Omoikane, the fine Goddess of holistic thought, AND, multitasking. As civilization got greedy, AND, society more militaristic, these Clever Queen's WERE edged to the second diversion in favour of a thundering, male warrior god platform. Just the kind of chap to lead BULLSHIT raids on neighbouring citadels. It ISSSS a Herstorical fact people! In the brutalized archaeology, AND, stockpiles of traumatized human remains, LIES THE TRUTH!

What I think we need to assess here ISSSS? The oooddles upon noddles of evidence that ISSS the realization offering up tenacious 3,400 year long precedent for our modern lives, NEEDS TO BE RE-ADDRESSED! Consider this my debate of the day for the role of Women's drafted discussions in society; INCLUDING MY OWN!!! I'm reminding ALL OF YOU that wisdom in ALL its forms WAS originally recognized BY?? WOMEN, PLAIN AND F***IN SIMPLE, defining our species, NOT our F****IN Sex.

Know more people!


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