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Tantra Dakini - Community Creator
M.A in Energy/Sensory Healing ( Eastern Indian Techniques (Ongoing)

Certified & Practicing Para-Tan Sound Healer - Temple of Tamil Techniques(Ongoing)

Certified Tantra Healer -   Guiding seekers with Sexuality Awakening Exercises 
Bachelors   in   Sexology

Certified from the British Columbia School of Aromatherapy /Yoga Spa Program (1989)

Hatha/Hot Stone Yoga Degree - (Ongoing)
International  School of Tantra
Affiliated & member of
Brief Bio

The  small town and grounded lifestyle that I grew up in,  outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, influenced my life; and enhanced natural energy, from the elements of  nature.   As a young woman, I began listening to adult mentors, who told me I was gifted with exuberant amounts of touch & love, that I had for others.

In 1989 - 1990 I temporarily moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  and opening the doors to explore my talents.   There I studied Aromatherapy and obtained my certificate , then moved back to Toronto  to practice.  The holistic nature of Aromatherapy lead me to explore other healing practicing techniques, such as Ear Candling,  reflexology,  natural skin care regimes , meditation and yoga.  As I moved and sorted through the over abundance of metaphysical practitioners and information on spiritual healing , sexual energy and the healthy rhythm of life itself; the over congested behaviour of the city life, was becoming over-rated, and I was finding myself researching  further, as to where my heart fit and soul belonged.

My relocation to Costa Rica in the year 2000 was the height of my career where I found my calling, for my life's work.  There I was introduced to Tantra, from a British couple who had re-rooted their lives and ran a Tantra Retreat.

From that point on, I was intrigued and my sexuality blossomed, to say the least.  Further research  & study continued, so I could  learn and practice the Art of Touch with Tantra, and the philosophy of the Tao.  I am associated with only a few seasoned practitioners, in this area of work.   With my life's path leading me to continue with workshops in various parts of our home (our world) and networking with a selective group of affiliated programs and people, my skills and techniques have surmounted to higher levels.  My lifestyle practice was created based on my own healing path and how I saw an organic need for Eastern Sex Therapy in the moment of healing the past and present.


As well, I will be connecting  clients to Costa Rica for future change on how to be self sufficient in a changing economic environment with the attached energy of Tantra and sexual energy at its best; at our retreat in Costa Rica. 

The movement to the lifestyle of Tantra has been nothing but positive, encouraging and most of all enlightening to the point that, all I see is light and all people around me, see my light.  It’s never been clearer and it is my life's duty to share it!
Our practice delivers the “Spiritual Sexuality Of Love” Vibrations we crave to heal our sexual souls!                                                
                    We give it abundantly, and our seekers feel it completely










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