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               Booking A Tantra Session Can Be The Same Day

This is a very easy process.  Initially; I require a direct phone call for new seekers; so that I have a starting point with you. There after; a simple text or e-mail.  I do not live in my private work sanctuary; so if you call me and say, Hi, I’m around the corner, are you available NOW, that usually does not work.  Give me a respectable time ahead please to drive over to my Serene Oasis and turn on my air conditioning  in the warm months or extra heat in the winter weather, and organize for your time with me.  


If you do wish for a 911 call,  I can fly on the seat of my Sweet Goddess Lace Panties, and therefore  would require a heads up respectable time ahead, 60 to 90 mins ahead, can work, to book a session, nothing less than that please,  because I could be in the middle of something;  like traffic in Toronto!   I can plan to venture over for you with the Protocols I have just mentioned.   Please understand;  to segment and prepare properly for our session,  it is best to  have me relaxed and in Zen for our Ritual, this way you have 150% of my energy that you are investing in.  You get the best session this way; and you deserve it, don’t you?  AND I DESERVE TO HAVE MY TIME RESPECTED AS WELL.


 I also limit my Tantra appointments to only 2, OR NO MORE THAN 3 a day, to ensure vibrant energy for your journey .  However, if by circumstances you just must see me at once, at the very last minute IN THE EVENING past 8p.m., and if you haven’t already booked.  A $50 deposit is required for these last minute arrangements, FOR NEW SEEKERS ONLY because I have to drop all things and venture out to cater to you.  The deposit comes off the donation once you arrive to my studio.   The deposit is made with a CC via square or an electronic bank e- transfer.  



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