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Shadow Tantra - These Sessions DO NOT apply to everyone
Assessed by phone first

Safety & Trust Is Critical
Ceremonial & Intimate for clearing past sexual issues and shame, so that you can finally come to terms with your blocks & embrace your Sexuality.
These rituals are expanded ceremonies that take you further into the realms of ecstasy.  Tailored to your desires and needs.  Donation is non-negotiable

What Are Props?
These are items I use to stimulate, eroticate and accentuate during
eg:  Blindfolding, paddles, wrist & ankle bondage - Attire Is different, which takes more preparation - See below for special requests

Rituals are discussed by direct phone calls before each and every Ceremony. As well, they can be customized to your needs.   Geared for long term clients & those on a higher level of sexual exploration for healing.  All sessions begin with the “Wheel of Consent”

              With Props - Discussed By Phone

              First Time - To Shadow Tantra               1 hr     $400.00
              Experienced Explorers                          1.5 hrs  $500.00
              Darker  Exploration                                   1 hr   $500.00
              Even  Darker  Exploration                      1 hr     $600.00

              With Other Requests

     Lingerie and other special requests   1 .5 hrs   $550.00 - $750.00
        Male Stimulation    (Veiled)                                1 .5hrs      $450.00

               Healing  Pleasure  Wands & Male Stimulation - For Healing
              1 hr    $300.00
       1 .5 hrs     $400.00
               2hrs   $700.00


These sessions involve a brief consultation that is free, so I have a
              starting point with you, for your desires.  

Sacred Sensual Ceremonies -  This is not Sex - It Is The Art of Love Making
  These 3 sessions below are a combination of all my deliveries of energy and MUST be booked a day or 2 in advance.  For those seekers who have worked with me to reach this level of intimacy

               The Pleasure - equal exchange of energy          1 hr  $800.00
                More Pleasure - equal exchange of energy   2 hrs                       $1500.00                      
           Ultimate Pleasure - equal exchange of energy   3hrs  $1800.00

Ultimate Mistress  Connection - Veiled

Learning to give to your Mistress      1.5 hrs   $500.00
  Receiving & Giving to one another      2hrs     $700.00

These sessions require a  lot of effort, work, planning and the donation is  reflected.
Some of you may ask for Submissive rituals, so they are not all Domination Rituals... this takes much more work to facilitate... the environment must be safe, there will always be gentle reminders of boundaries and protocols ......much, much more involved for safe play in this arena.
During  Darker Sessions WHICH DO NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE, I am addressed as Mistress Marissa Savanna
My studio is not a dungeon,  but an oasis for RE-ESTABLISHING healthy, vibrant ritual BOUNDARIES for sexuality
exploration under professional organized arrangements for play.
THE FEMININE Sensual Domination is my Forte and delivery

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