Personalized Itinerary



Each morning at the break of dawn, not too early, but early enough to experience the lake waking up, you, your partner, or if you do come as a single, I will come together with you and practice some vortex meditations.  The rhythm is approximately 45 mins to 1 hour.   During this connection to nature, I will assist you, or, the both of you with Pranayama, to extend yourself, with the breath of life!  Various exercises with yoga including Hatha, Kundalini, Yin/Yang, Flow and Anuara (because there are chants with this particular yoga) As the routine progresses during the week, I will introduce each day a new Pranayama, and Yoga, so if you feel comfortable, you may practice that new one or continue your practice with the one previously learned.


Each day will also consist of 1-½ hours of Tantra Touch usually taking place after our opening of the day with mediation/yoga.  A nice quiet break before hand with an organic tea and exchange of thought amongst us, to hear opinions of your energy level ECT, then the class begins with us together.  You will learn to approach the body all over again, with pleasure and how the hands start approaching the body, as well, where that approach actually starts.  I will guide you from the beginning to end.  Be as expressive as possible with me, because the throat needs to always be open to release.  I always provide consultation during each moment of the session to explain in detail why, what, where and how.  After the session, I will give you a hand out, which is kind of like your first exam.   It has questions that you have to answer, so I may see if you fully understand, (don’t worry, I’m not that strict!)


Following your class with the Art of Touch, you can feel free to engage in an organic breakfast of your choice which will be expressed to me before hand of what you wish to indulge in for your pallet each morning.  If you wish to have something different each morning that is fine as well, but I will need to know the variety in order to prepare and I’ll scatter your menu amongst the 7 mornings or the number of mornings your stay is.  You will have the privacy at the cottage to enjoy it!


From the time then on,  you will have some free time, to swim in the pool or walk down to the lake before lunch.  The daily excursion, which could be anything you desire, usually will be a 4 to 5 hour activity, and you should have energy for that, from the Tantra Morning Session, because of the orgasmic flow starting to move through your body.


Upon returning from your outing, depending on your energy level, again, we will come together and engage in another workshop before dinner.  This workshop will change each day.  One topic of interest is revealing your sexual desires within yourself.  Sitting together and learning to love our bodies, by touching with our hands on our own bodies to show what we like and how we like to be touched at the same time expressing it to your partner, if they are with you, either by using your voice or writing it down if you don’t want me to hear it. But please remember, I have heard it all and love hearing more!  Each days exercise will be different again to hold you on that anticipation level.


The dinner is also prepared to your tastes, which I’ll know after I understand all your likes and dislikes.  I will put together a menu; you can look it over and like it, or make changes before your arrival in Paradise!


Awwwww the evening Ritual Ceremony of Love with Tantra!

My favourite part of the day.

Before this movement, we will sit together and quietly view our day and let out any dislikes and negative feelings that we have experienced through the day.

The Jacuzzi is abundantly blossoming with Aromas, to tantalize your nasal and foaming with a mineral to wrap your bodies in luxury.

It is your choice at this time to allow me into the Jacuzzi with you or not.  If you choose to allow me in, we will recap, because the Art of Touch is upon us again, with all the props of candles, tantric music, pleasurable tastes e.g. honey, chocolate and caramel syrup and other creative juices! 

During this sacred ceremony you will learn to practice prolong pleasure and practice eye gazing, with a few easy Mantras to begin on the first day.

This is a 2-hour Ritual

At this point the day is finished, at any time of the day you have what you wish for snacks and beverages. I will put that on the menu that I prepare, for your approval.


List of Activities



Mountain Biking

Venado Cave Tour

Sunset Fishing along the volcanoes shoreline

Horseback to the Hills of nature

Naked boat adventure (don’t be afraid, it’s an opening for your sexual healing)

Think of this activity as going to a nude beach, but having the breeze blowing across your beautiful bodies!

Untracked hot spring journey where you can smear Mother Nature all over your body with therapeutic sand/mud mixture right beneath you.

Kayaking to Lake Arenal’s lonely island

Canopy line adventure (a little bit touristy but the view of the canopy is spectacular!)

Dusk fire dance at Lake Cote where we dance naked around the fire, with arm and body gestures of acceptance (not a 3 to 4 hour activity, but only an add on for the experience to freely express your sexual body.

Add on whatever else you would like to experience to make it even more personal.


Included in your stay as follows


All inclusive - Including Flight TBD & Transportation

4 star luxury accommodations with Jacuzzi

Housekeeping and your laundry

All your tasty meals including ( breakfast , lunch and dinner and snack fillers and beverages throughout the day )

Daily 1 hour yoga practices for 2

2 daily assignments –  14 different workshops (based on 7 days)

2 ½ hours of Tantra – Ritual will be ceremonial in the evening – roughly 17 hours of Ceremonies

1 daily 3 to 4 hr activity - your choice (if it is available)

Departing Gifts