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Couples Tantra Sessions

If you’re choosing to make your relationship happen at it's full potential, then this intimate session is perfect. My offer is an opportunity to open doors to Tantra  and Sacred Sexuality in an environment that is safe, spiritual and professional. This sacred place provides pathways to journey and practice the techniques to enable you and your partner to heal blocks in your relationship that prevent the flow of love and trust between you.
True intimacy and deep love in a relationship is not just “fluffy” romantic stuff. It happens because each partner is willing to be open in themselves and with the other. When the masculine and Feminine energies both become more balanced, an empowerment surfaces, which has been hidden in the root core of your being. In turn your own truth and security resurfaces and flourishes.  The more we naturally bring out this feeling the higher the respect for each other will prevail.  Hence, you will be  able to experience vulnerability as empowering and deeply connecting us to Love, which is our true being. Couples will embrace the power and beauty of exceedingly  and deeply re-opening the doors to each other and transcending daily rhythm.
For the duration of this mini  workshop, couples are asked to commit to being solely authentic with each other throughout the practice with me Dakini. You will be guaranteed a highly respectful, professionally holistic environment which will cater comfortably to your personal privacy and modesty. I am guiding couples to ecstasy together in a world where peace, spiritual enlightenment and truth needs to be re-instated so they can return to their lives transformed. 

Building Intimacy & Trust

A long-lasting satisfying relationship is built on trust and intimacy. Learning to trust someone can be challenging after a trauma, or bad relationship. Sometime that bad experience prevents a person from getting close and appears distant and uninterested when it’s just a fear of being hurt. Getting beyond that experience can open the door to a meaningful relationship. Spending time together cuddling, holding hands and just being close builds a bond of intimacy. Learning how to build trust and intimacy in this Senate Focus Exercise.


Love To Cuddle Exercises

What happens at a Cuddle Exercise Module?
This  Cuddle Module is incorporated into your session.  During this time we will:
·       Introduce ourselves - if you are attending with your partner.
·       Do some ice-breaking exercises
·       Run through some consent boundaries designed to create a safe space
·       Practice communication skills and negotiating those boundaries
·       Have lots of opportunities to cuddle with touch exercises
·       Boost our levels of Oxytocin , which promotes happiness, wellbeing  and relaxation.


Really Love Kissing?

Do you think you know the whole kissing thing? Consider yourself a seasoned pro?   Really wanting to brush up on the basics? This module covers the fundamental information you need to know for good kissing.

Of course, like all core skills, you really have to practice to become a master. This module is not meant as a hard-and-fast set of rules for kissing... this goes against our whole philosophy! Rather, it incorporates some of the basics into your own unique kissing technique. Kissing is a 'personal style' kind of sport... so lets get creative!


Intimate Tantra Workshops are a Minimum of 2 hours for Couples.  My rate is based on 2 human Sexual energies for the hour; it's energy work.

All sessions are customized and talked about over the phone prior to arrangements so you get the best elements and ingredients into your personalized experience.


  $700.00 - 1.5 hours
$1000.00 - 2 hours of bliss!




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