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Sensate Exercises


Sensate focus exercises are a series of specific exercises for couples which encourage each partner to take turns paying increased attention to their own senses. While there are different types of sensate focus techniques, sensate focus exercises can be used in ceremonies with my guidance; or at home.


When used in the ceremonial setting, sensate focus is done in several stages over the course of the ritual. The first stage usually begins around the third therapy session, after the nature of the sexual problem has been discussed and the couple has a clear understanding of the rationale for the exercise.


Stage 1


Myself as the healer, will usually guide the timing and technique of the sensate focusing. In the first stage, the couple do not touch each others breasts and genitals. They are encouraged to enjoy and become increasingly aware of the texture and other qualities of their partner's skin, elsewhere.  The Sacred Union (intercourse) is disallowed. Any focus on the genitals is not allowed. Participants concentrate on what they themselves find interesting in the skin of the other, not on what they think the other may enjoy.


Stage 2


The second stage increases the touch options to include breasts. Sensation and gathering information about the partner's body is still encouraged and the Sacred Union and touching of the genitals is still forbidden. The participants then use a technique of placing their hand over their partner's hand in order to show what they find pleasurable in terms of pace and pressure. Learning about the partner's body is still the goal rather than pleasure.


Further stages include the gradual introduction of the genitals and then the Sacred Union for aligning genital  chakras.  Orgasm is never the focus.

Oral Sex Simulated Exercises - TBD


The Heavenly Portal (Mouth) Therapy - Facilitator - Dakini

Studies  show that increased frequency of performing oral stimulation creates a greater production of saliva, and the micro nutrients in saliva have been proven to break down fat cells. Yes, this means you can lose weight performing orally with your partner.


White Tigresses engage in two primary portal practices to revitalize their yin and yang energies. In the first, congealing the Dragon’s Jade, she makes use of male semen to restore her skin and hair. In the second practice, she focuses on enjoying male sexual energy, referred to as absorbing the Dragon’s Breath. Absorption is the ability to induce and receive the energy of the male orgasm into herself, whereby she strengthens her own, as well as her partner’s energies.  Couples interactive.



In Western society oralism is considered the 1st stage of libidinal development, at which time sexual desire is undifferentiated  from the desire for food.  As infants and children we spend a lot of inordinate amounts of time licking things.  Almost every object we grasp must first be licked.  The importance of the tongue to our health and well-being, including sexual well-being could never be overstated.  Here, with this lifestyle I offer concise, playful, and stimulating interactive projects for raising our youthful mouth energy; so oral sex is mastered completely for pleasure.

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