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Tribal Dance


What do you quest for in your life, your dance, your health and well-being? We give you some fun ideas and tools to get your Tribal Groove moving!


LIfe is an ongoing quest, full of richness, movement, relationships with yourself and with others, and healthy full living.  Doing the work we love, having the body we honor, the loved ones we celebrate, and just having a great time through the whole Tantra journey!  And being present and in the moment… right now!


While tribal ecstatic dance practices vary from tribe to tribe, most participants share the belief that dance has the power to transport us from earthly planes into ethereal realms, and every tribe has its own tale to tell about why that’s so.   Some tribabl dances involve contact improvisation, a dance form in which the connection between two or more individuals guides the exploration.







BodySong is an Embodied Dance & Moving Meditation Dance.  This dance brings together Tantra, Dance and Poetry in a beautiful space.  For thousands of years, our ancestors danced to worship, prey, heal and journey into the territory of the heart.  Come join this magical movement ministry as we connect heart, mind and body while experiencing a deep community connection.


If we enter into the spherical universe, into the marvelous sinuous of the total being of who we are, we regain the suppleness of the newborn, joyous spontaneity, unprogrammed pleasure, slowness, the dawning of life in our organs, our skin, our gaze, our movements & our loving acts.


Song of the Body Dance

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