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Ongoing Coaching Packages

I offer Sexual Coaching Packages (other than individual sessions) so that you lock in your clear desire and commitment for ongoing growth. Although you’ll be using tools that are hugely effective, you need to be consistent in applying them in your daily life   Keeping in close tune, I also help you work through any persistent resistance that may come up along the way with your journey to Sexual Enlightenment.
Your commitment creates the momentum that is required for progress. People make the most shifts with sessions scheduled once a week or every other week.

$1500- CAD. Includes initial 90-minute discovery session plus five 60-minute sessions.  That is 6  1/2 hours of learning, whenever you wish.

Contact me by calling directly or  e-mail me  to schedule your PLUS experience.  I work & play with clients locally, virtually and internationally.

1 416 556 2647


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