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I am Dakini - The Ultimate Female Messenger Of  Wisdom & Love

I don’t smoke or seek out any forms of exterior energies that will tarnish my beautiful form of womanhood, that life has given me, naturally.  To be  woman & feminine, can actually be highly approved & naturally accepted, on the path to spiritual realization & enlightenment. The reason is, because many males have fear or anxiety of dropping the intellect. To unexpectedly  just let that go and be truly naked in the meditation experience is a frightening process for them, whereas for women; it seems to be managed quite naturally.

A female form, of the highest quality of enlightenment is called a Dakini in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. But, who is exactly  a Dakini?  Dakini's are difficult to catch, elusive if you will; and they are playful by nature.  Trying to calculate & measure them to an orderly definition, means you are clearly missing out on the message they are delivering.  And because of openly resisting and refusing to obey the narrow intellectual concepts; this is the core of their wise game.
The Dakini’s fundamental truth or position must not be a distorted impression, as that impression carries many layers of concepts. On an outer layer, highly trained or skilled disciplined females, were called Dakini's.

On an unknown or secret scale, Dakini's are  seen as the embodiment of the centre core, for important aspects of known facts; and the mind, and so her powerful ability is to intimately connect with the most intense quality of insights for Vajrayana meditation. For this reason, ultimately, she is the most essential feature earth has, she is summoned and anointed the formless wisdom of nature; and of the mind itself. On an inner layer, the ritual level, she is a ceremonial meditational deity, calm & visualized as the representation for the qualities of buddhahood. 


Externally, within her subtle-body level, she is the vitality & network of the embodied mind in the subtle joining of vital breath through tantric yoga.  As well, she is highly spoken of as a living woman: real, in the flesh.  She may be a guru on a rich fabric throne, or a yogini meditating in her sacred remote cave somewhere, or a powerful teacher of meditation or a guru’s companion, teaching directly through her life example.  All my sister’s who have followed me, have learned 1st  and foremost  their path through me.  Dakini!

Code of Ethics

To understand what this means;  it is simple put:
Any Dakini who unmorally tarnishes the principles or personality that govern another Dakini’s Duty; is not a Dakini; and should be avoided.
 The branch of knowledge from where this unethical act comes from; is a place of intimidation, fear, negativity, animosity, insecurity and ultimate disrespect for another sister.
To obey the categorical imperative and respect other Dakini’s work here on earth; is the utilitarianism guide for the principles & conduct of love.


INTIMACY, WHICH IS MY FORTE, is a MUST and comes to me by nature, as I was born under the ruling sign of LOVE, which is VENUS . When you reach me with the intent to work together, you therefor understand and agree that: Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment; and adult entertainment is simply for time, companionship, and my coaching with you. There is never anything else that is offered or implied. Anything that may or may not occur is simply a matter of our personal choice; and our personal preferences between two or more consenting adults; who are of legal age and not contracted for. As well, my services are not requested to be contracted out, in any manner. My services are not offers for prostitution non- sense; and no fees will ever be accepted for that kind of illegal activity. I do reserve the right to decline appointments as I see fit and deem it to be necessary.

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