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Beginners Tantra Session

For those who are wanting to understand Tantra and on a budget, let me know what that budget is and I'll try to accommodate you.   This session is a minimum of 1 hour. Tantra is not a BODY RUB mentality.  If that is what your looking for, you haven’t reached the light of ecstasy; and won’t find it in those places.  Many years of practice and delivery sets me above and beyond, to a completely divine plateau.  If you truly want a shift in your life with abundance of energy; Tantra is the only way to sexual enlightenment.  The donations are based on quality and professionalism.

You are ready to experience the gift of receiving heightened sexual pleasure.  Being on the receiving end of intense body pleasure can unblock your stifled energy centres.  The session is geared for seekers wanting to try Tantra, from the start in a 1 hour segment.  You will be able to take the breaks necessary to express how you feel being in the 1 hour vibration of ecstasy, with a couple other interesting exercises, to spice things up!  You will point out to me the areas that you just don’t want me to touch, not that there are any, but you could within the hour say to me, can you spend more time in this area or that area.   You will also learn by practicing with me some eye gazing rituals that will open other emotions, that is what you want!  You will feel very intimate with me and extremely close, that is your heart opening up to me and over time you will connect your sexual energy back to your heart with the Tantra Touch.  The beautiful place of receiving once again is difficult for people.  Once you learn to receive 100% pleasure, you will want to learn how to prolong that sensation, which is why I offer the Prolonged session.  In that session, you can stay on the receiving end of the Tantra Touch and prolong your erection for 1  1/2 hours with the next level.  This is what all men want to learn how to do.  Stay hard for their partner, so he can give her all the orgasms she wants!

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