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Sexual Sound Healing - (Para Tan)

Vibrational sexual healing generally does not use physical manipulation but employs only light or no touching of the body.  Instead it influences your energy systems, mind, and soul to correct and rebalance themselves through the healing and restorative frequencies and active consciousness of constitutionally “perfect” energies such as Reiki, White Light, sound, physical light, color, flowers and plants, and crystals and gemstones; to name a few.  Their subtle vibrations can dissolve, flush, or help release these blockages, restoring balance and the healthy flow of subtle and Life Force energies in your body, mind, spirit & sexual realms.


Sexual Sound Vibrational Healing, can help us in many ways and truly needs to be experienced to be understood.  Not only does it clear out and uplift our personal vibration, it also opens portals to the influx of new and higher Consciousness from the Spiritual Realms; to enhance our sex lives!

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