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Ongoing Workshops - Get In Early!


At our Tantra Workshops (which are privately intimate):  You will Learn Tantra as a path of love and presence.  Be fully at home in your own body and connected in your heart, and therefore more in tune with your soul and spirit.  You will Learn Tantric breath work for grounding and expanding, Integrate Spirituality & Sexuality​​.   Learn to trust and enjoy your desire for intimate contact, learn to honor your personal boundaries, and to effectively communicate both.  ​Gain an understanding of what fears, shame, hurt, lack of knowledge or limiting beliefs keep your love life and level of intimacy less than ecstatic.  ​Learn how to extend your Love-Making and intimate relationships.​   Learn to re-approach the female genitals (Sacred Yoni)












Scheduled Weekend Workshops, which includes lunch (see our calendar  page).  Excite your senses with an intimate, private circle, with me, you and your partner, or just you under my teachings  for relaxed but informative learning  that  takes  place each and every month to introduce you to yourself and your sexuality.   Learn new playful exercises with every workshop to begin enhancing your awareness of your senses in the moment.  Learn how to re-approach the male genitals (Sacred Lingam)











Artistic Erotic Play For April 26, 27, 28, 2024
Starting at 6p.m  Friday April 26th until 6p.m to Sunday April 28.  This workshop is based on using  your creative  body  paints and understanding how you can design your imagination with your partner. The segment includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  Runs on Friday from 7p.m to 10p.m.  Saturday from 12 p.m to 4 p.m. & Sunday noon til 3p.m


Friday Evenings Exercises
     Oral skills with fruit (interactive)
        Painting your body with art - Snacks


Saturday Workshop
       Fabulous fellatio - Teaching  
    Naked self expression - Lunch
     Erotic Exercises for sex

 Sunday Workshop
             Full demonstration of pleasuring your partners Yoni
           Sensual Lunch - Naked cooking with aphrodisiac recipes!
               Discovery of needs through verbal expression
         Take home recipes book for cooking yourself sexy!


Sign up & registration must be made here by  e-mailing or phone and then payment through the site no later than April 22, 2024.

$2000.00/person    10 hours
$3000.00/couple    10 hours


Join the movement of harnessing & channeling  your sex lives to the next level and experiencing orgasmic pleasure and connected intimacy beyond what they thought humanly possible.  In this weekend workshop, you will experience a sex life make-over, that will change the way you experience intimacy, pleasure and orgasm.  You will be invited to explore your sexuality from the physical, chemical and emotional perspectives, and given the opportunity to discover the many pathways to exquisite lovemaking; either with yourself or your partner. Imagine the ultimate erotic life and what it would bring to your overall well being.  Feel free to contact me directly for any overview of what to expect.  Please remember my weekend is booked for you and your partner. I still take appointments for individual for those 3 days by scheduling.

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