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Retreat To Paradise - Costa Rica - All Retreat Prices are in USD
Available openings for February & March 2024 - Let us know to get on board!

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This is a very special Tropical Tantra Vacation – held at a  glorious beach sanctuary, along with its extremely private pool, situated 2 minutes from the  beach!  Accommodations hold seven couples; or take the whole sanctuary for just the two of you.  Dive deep into Tantra and enjoy a romantic, fun-filled and exciting week in ultimate splendor and privacy while exploring some of the sweetest spots in Costa Rica.  The Tantra content will be based on the participants’ experience level,  overall you will harness and once again embrace the following.


• Enhance communication skills
• Explore the multi-orgasmic response (MORE) for men and women
• Open the heart and connect deeply with our partner on all levels
• Cultivate the mind-body connection for more balance in life
• Play “the inner flute” and activate the Tantric energy channels
• Partake in amazing excursions
• Relax, have fun, meditate, make love, play, make new friends…. and more!


The tantric path encompasses beauty, sensitivity, and exhilaration through eating, drinking, tasting, smelling, touching and exercise; which is what our Lake Arenal Costa Rica Retreat will provide.  All of your mind,  body and soul senses will be in one part of the world.  It embraces and enhances all forms of creative expression, such as movement and dance, massage, exercising body arts, the fine arts, healing and music.  Through experience and glorying in the delights of the body, the body becomes a temple in which you experience the sacred, hence, becoming the doorway to sexual spiritual evolution.

Sex  Rhythm  Workshop


Workshop Play

   •    Living with your sexual energy ~ On your own or with your lover   

   •     Choosing to go over the edge and male multiple orgasm   

   •     Female orgasms and letting go, to awakening your goddess   

   •     Hip Thrusting and Sexual Fire Breath ~ powerful movements to  
          positions for contemporary Kama Sutra   

   •     The power of sound and vibrations and more!   

   •     Reflex points for each of you - sacred spots for heightened arousal  
          and pure satisfaction.   

   •     The opening of your Chakra Centres and Channeling through your   Meridians.


Relationship Building Practices

Relationship Building Practices

Tasteful Topics:

    •     Unfold your conscious relationship     

    •     Flourishing of your heart    

    •     See your relationship as a spiritual practice    

    •     Rejoicing in  your differences: what does he want - what does she

    •     Repair the hurt with love and forgiveness   

    •     Dedication,  loyalty, and passionate monogamy     

    •     Learn to communicate in mind/body for understanding and closer

    •     Stead your equilibrium with your masculine and feminine energies    

    •    Celebrating the journey together and reach your golden years   
          with vitality and stamina: vibrant health for baby boomers     
    •     Manifest what you desire in relationship/life    

    •     Mark your path, create your design, maintaining high spirited


Contact me for more information, please click here. 


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