Lake Arenal - Costa Rica


Lake Arenal is a fresh body of water in Costa Rica, located in the northern highlands of the Country.  It was enlarged to its present size as a part of a 1979 hydroelectric project by the Costa Rican government to provide electricity to the country.


The town of Arenal was relocated to higher ground when the lake was expanded in 1979.  The old towns of Arenal and Tonadora now lie abandoned at the bottom of the lake, with the new town of Arenal existing to the northeast on the lake.  (Some old mountain folks, claim the lake to be haunted)!


There are primarily two species of fish in Lake Arenal (el lago Arenal), the machaca fish ( not to be confused with machaca food) and bass.  Notable birds found in the area include the hummingbird, woodpecker, kingfisher and toucans, whose populations make the lake a popular destination for bird watchers.

The rainforest ecosystem that encompasses Lake Arena is hugely bio-diverse composed of over 2000 species of plants, 120 mammals and 300 birds, and includes the jaguar, tapir, and quetzal.


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