Toe-Tally Tantric

Hey there grasshoppers! How goes the Toe-Tally new paradigm that your HOPEFULLY groovin on these days? Lovin it so far??? What about your Tantric explorations with your isolated cozy companion? Loveaaaaasss!!!! This IS the time for Foot focusing my dear followers! Look, if a peachy bottom sends your heart a flutter, those perky Girlfriends, OR, lithe legs. Feet, ankles, OR, toes ARE gettin extremely Fetishy these days. Why? Because WE ARE ALL spending exuberant amounts of time on the reservation with our socks and shoes off, AND, they're gettin noticed like never before! Very common, BUT, (Ta Da!) often unjustly misunderstood; a Foot Fetish IS the pure admiration of feet, to the

Libido of The Sea

Hey, hey, what's up you Libido Laced Loveaaaaasss!? Tell me something; what if you took the texture of melted ice cream, added the briny flavour of algae, took a long gulp, AND, asked yourself if you felt Sexy afterwards? Well, the Sister's and brother's of Jamaica, AND, other Caribbean countries are sayin ya man! All across the pristine turquoise coloured waters, Irish moss IS hailed as a wonder seaweed, touted for its abilities to moisturize, vitalize, AND? Most notably, increases the human Libido! No wonder Bob Marley had 11 kids!!! Native to Ireland, the algae moss IS jammed packed with nutrition; 10% protein, AND, 15% mineral matter. Back during the Irish potato famine of the mi

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