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Plastic - Another Pathetic Plague

How's the transformation process going with you all?! Alright Lovelies, we already know there's A LOT of information coming out about the dangers of substances in the environment that HAVE negative effects on our endocrine, OR, our hormone systems, right? IN PARTICULAR, attention HAS been focused on these chemical effects on the reproductive hormones, SPECIFICALLY Estrogen (the main FEMALE SEX SPARK PLUG). Bisphenol-A, which BTW, ISSSSSS a NASTY NO NO found in hard, clear plastic used to make everything from baby bottles to food packaging, ALSO increases the risk of ITTY BITTY WINNIE SYNDROME, AND? A whole slew of other Pushy problems for ALL of our Sister's, and brother's on the planet!

NOW, there ISSSSS a new study, one which ISSSSS of the first to be conducted on us horny humans, that seems to support a finding that WAS previously reported with animal research. Coooool, let's take a look shall we? Among the men who work with BPA, the risk of having difficulty streaming his juice WAS seven times greater than it was among the non-exposed group, AND? The risk of the floppy dick issue WAS more than four times greater. Ha! The BPA exposed people also reported higher rates of LOW SEX DRIVE, AND, a lower overall satisfaction with their SEX LIVES PERIOD, END OF F****IN STORY! This my fine fellow followers IS according to the study, published by the Human Reproduction, AND, The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. These inquisitive investigators compared the rates of Sexual dysfunction in two groups of workers in factories that produce that BPA, OR, epoxy resin (which BTW, contains the chemical), AND, some 400 men; including guys that haul ass in other industries, who were NOT exposed to abnormally high levels of BPA. If you don't know already, epoxy resin IS used in our lining of canned foods people, AND? ISSSSS another potential source of BPA in addition to hard, clear plastic. Anyone, that ISSSS, ANY Sister, OR, brother who worked in the BPA, AND, epoxy resin factory ARE exposed to levels about 70 times higher than average! The greater an individual's exposure to BPA; which BTW, was measured using spot air, AND, pee pee samples? The more likely they ARE to have Sexual dysfunction F*** UPS!! I personally find this extremely compelling! Why? Because it's not cause and effect, BUT, (pay attention) when you've got the kinda ambient air quality assessment that WAS made, it comes pretty close to cause and effect. Look grasshoppers, in the past, the lazy lab analyzers, AND, industry representatives who've argued that BPA is safe at the lowest level of exposure that occurs for most people, have pointed to the lack of BPA research in humans. They keep on arguing like F***ING children with bullshit like??!! Where's the human data? Give me the earthling statistics will ya? You can't extrapolate animal studies to people, right? True, BUT, (TA DA!) now grasshoppers; we've got mortal memorandums!!!! There's NOW a chemical found in your basic common plastics that undermine a man's masculinity, AND? His ability to attract a Female, OR, at least that's what this new probing inquiry on mice suggests. It's the latest research to question the health safety of the hormone changing compound bisphenol-A, OR? BPA! In this scrutiny, researchers found that Female squeakers WERE NOT attracted to male baseboard runners that WERE exposed to BPA in the Womb. AHAAAAA! Get this!!! They ALSO further unfolded that HUMAN males exposed to the chemical in the Womb WERE more likely to behave like Females as children!!! WoW! More Sexy Scientist's said Female four legged cheese snatchers unmasked to BPA were unaffected by the chemical. Soooooooo? Is it possible that naked BPA alters the males' hormone signals? Hmmmmm, some say the synthetic manifestation may have the same effect on our Sister's, and brother's by altering developmental Sexual traits in Girls, and boys. LIKE HELLO! Ya see what's going down here Loveaaaaaass!!!!

BPA HAS ALSO been shown to SUPPRESS the early production of testosterone. Sooooo, in short? The Females CAN SENSE the males compromised state, AND, are LESS attracted to them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 1 million pounds of BPA IS released into the environment each F***IN year! The primary ingredient used to harden plastic. Sure, it HAS been widely scrutinized, causing several consumer product corporations, INCLUDING, baby bottles, water flasks, AND, microwavable dish ware, to SCRAMBLE FOR MERCY!!!! ALL ITEMS THAT WE FUCKING GREW UP WITH; NO WONDER OUR SEXUALITY IS ALL FUCKED UP PEOPLE!!!! THEY'VE BEEN POISONING US FOR DECADES!!!! THIS I BELIEVE IS THE REASON FOR THE INFLUX OF A GAY GENERATION!!!

Just this past year, the European Union, AND YEPPER, PEPPERS, Canada banned the use of BPA in nursing canteen's. It's about F****IN time I'd say! Many U.S. states are following suit by CONSIDERING a ban on the chemical, as well, BUT, (as you all well know) they're a little slowwwww on the awakening!!!! Do the chemicals in affinity materials threaten masculinity, AND, human FEMALE hormones? Well, the exact outcomes may differ in the masses BUT, (once again) there IS reason for concern that Sex, AND, specific behavioural alterations ARE a significant risk following prenatal exposure to BPA! Brain behaviour for example, AND, immune effects, ARE commonly seen with developmental exposure to BPA. Another probed play WAS around the link associated with BPA lowering the little swimmers count! A scrutinized report shows that a Female mouse HAD reduced pregnancy rates when She had La La with a male laying bare tracks down to the BPA! The mice that were fed food laced with THE SHIT at levels considered safe for US Lovely beings ARE minuscule compared to the dose used in the study. Avoiding a chemical suspected to disrupt OUR hormones may be easier said than done Loveaaaas! Despite following guidelines meant to reduce the amount of bisphenol A (BPA) in a person's diet, about 96% of the people in the study STILL had traces of the CRAP in their piss!!! HOLY SHIT MAN!!!! It wasn't that they weren't trying to reduce their unveiled peelings, it's just that by following the guidelines, nothing F***IN happened! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YA'S???

Look Lovelies, that chemical, which IS STILL found in water containers, food wraps, AND, receipt papers, WILL cause reproductive toxicity in our Butterflies on Gaia! According to California's Environmental Protection Agency? Specifically, it WILL disrupt horny hormone levels in a person's body. They ARE a basis of the control of your Sexual functions, your reproduction, AND? Our OVER ALL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT!!! THEY ALSO control EVERY other process in your Goddess Blessed Bodies!!! Listen you attuned tribe, if you have a substance that interferes with that human hormone activity, THEN? YOU'VE GOT A F**** UP SOCIETY!!!! THIS IS JUST ANOTHER PLOY TO CONTROL OUR BASIC HUMAN EXISTENCE JUST LIKE THE CORONA!



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