Horny Hemoblobin

Hey you concupiscent clan! Can we say without exaggeration today that we ALL, (hopefully by this time) agree that SEX ISSSSS the secret CORE of human enthusiasm, AND, one of the main springs of life's realization itself? No matter how diligently we hide behind masks of ignorant indifference, pitiful pride, rueful rejection, OR, feigned ease in a relationship; our true desire ISSSSS to recognize the opposite Sex, OR; group of grasshoppers that we resonate with in that special way, to experience certain feelings right? ABSOLUTELY!!! You know, Senior Freud wrote a lot about that patterned influence of unconscious Sexual programmes on the psyche, AND human social graces. After many decades

Buried, AND, Erased Wisdom

Welcome to my revelations again grasshoppers! We've got papyrus shreds scattered all over ancient times, when Female disciples, AND, deities WERE writing fundamental FACTS of the matter; contrary to SO CALLED popular belief! BUT, (to get things rollin here) ancient geopolitics caused them to be DELIBERATELY DISCONTINUED! Listen up Lovelies; a mummified crocodile in the back streets of Oxford might NOT be an obvious guardian for one of life's GREATEST mysteries. BUT, (again) a 2,000 year old treacle brown remains, made up of recycled scraps of Egyptian papyrus, torn up to encase the reptile, hide HARD EVIDENCE of a substantial Herstorical cover up. NOW, stored in 100 year old kerosene ca

Feminine Harvest Moon

Hiya! SHE'S here FINALLY; AND you men certainly GOTTA be feelin the CONFUSING JOLT of HER grand appearance that's puttin you in your place? Allow me to fill ya in!!!! This year’s Feminine Harvest Moon HAS showed up grasshoppers!!! SHE HAS come back to US today, Friday the 13th; first time in EXACTLY 13 years! Aren't ya ALL wired up to cast your meditation practices for opening up to your deep Feminine wisdom? Ya damn well better be!!! The Harvest Moon got HER name because SHE provided the light (as ALL Female entities do) to farmers needin to yield their Summer annual production. THE name IS given to THE Full Moon that occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox, which here in the Northern

The Courageous Feminine Male

Hey you fearless followers; did ya all miss me? I know, I know; you blubbered your eye balls out all week long didn't ya's? Well, I did toooooo when I was strollin down the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica! I mean, I wailed my beautiful bronchis out at sunset every Goddess damn jungle day! Speaking of sniveling; I recently witnessed A MAN cryin across the room from me when I was out for lunch with an intimate acquaintance the other day. He (notably) WASN'T tryin to camouflage his brave behaviour either. No spongin away the tears, OR, mutterin about somethin being in his Goddess damn eye either! Yepper, peppers, he sobbed WITHOUT shame in the middle of a busy downtown Toronto cafe. I

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