Horny Halloween Homework

BOO!!!! Today's the day grasshoppers, to open yourselves up, AND, to see how Sexy you's can get with this little Horny Halloween Homework I'm about to pass out to ya'sl! Since it IS the evening Goddesses day and all; I’m gonna start a naughty story, AND? You faithful readers dive right in, AND, add your bit to broaden my SEXY imagination!! Look, even if you’ve never written a single word in your life before, give it a shot alright. You WILL be surprised at the brainstorms that can pour outta your Sexy suppositions!!! Add as much, OR, little as you’d like, AND, if you're brave enough? Send them on back to me, AND, spur my juices for grading your assignment!!!! When (who we'll called Sa

??? Do You Have The Guts ???

Hi Lovelies!!! This week you'll be getting 2 of my weekly's because I won't be here next week, AND, I didn't wanna miss out on Halloween with ya's all, Soooooooo enjoy! What if I told ya's today that your Sex excursions starts right in your gut; would ya's believe me, OR, not? Welllllllll, at this point of my chronicles course of actions, AND, if you're STILL (thank you!) reading, AND, gettin a better grip on my translations of lighting bolts, THEN? You gotta know I F***IN mean business here!!!! I think it’s safe to say by now that we HAD BETTER gotten a sense of what Hippocrates meant when he stated that ALL dis ease starts right in the Goddess damn gut, hmmmmm? Look, at some point in

The Spiral Goddess of Life

Hey grasshoppers! I've spun back around this week after my incredible re-connection with the Jungle Spiral Goddesses of Costa Rica! I just gotta say people, that country IS bursting with the Feminine internal power. Ocean tide after seashell after swirling rain sunset clouds, I bonded with Her glory once again! She's quite common to be found everywhere you look on our Golden Gaia, ESPECIALLY in the tropics of paradise! Even ancient Statues, OR, architectural pendants of Goddess shapes with a Twirl Surge in Her belly replicates Her innate nature. That Sensual Circling represents the creative power of life Herself, that rises straight outta the Sacral chakra; the chakra that corresponds


A BIG Hiya to ya's all this week! Today I wanna STAND UP for my many concerns of the misconceptions about LARGER people havin Sex, ESPECIALLY when one partner IS paunchier, AND, the other IS NOT! Let's look specifically at the ISSUE (which it is BTW) of being a pleasantly plump Lady Bug havin La La with a smaller Loveaaaaa. Feminine Flabby Sex IS a VERY BIG affair (heh). AND? Because my area of expertise IS TANTRIC SEX; I CAN'T just limit the topic to just that either. I gotta explore, AND, blend other areas of Sexual elements into the equation; like the mechanics of a Blossomed Bosom havin well rounded Pushy CONFIDENTLY! . This announcement IS very important, AND, since I CAN speak o

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