The Feminine Frequency

Happy Horny Summer people! It's the time of year to realign your F***IN Frequency once, AND, for all!!! What the hell am I talkin about now? Well, it's like this grasshoppers. Every food HAS its own vibrational mood, OR, frequency. So, if we devour it, we adsorb this disposition, AND THEN? Eventually start acting on it; which BTW, IS why our Planet IS the way SHE is right now! BUT, (yes) we CAN shift HER through US! You ARE what you munch on people! This IS why it's SOOOOO imperative (in these times) to treat your Temples (particularly men) AND, be meticulous at choosing what you take in for body nourishing beats. There are several mouth morsels that ARE required to raise Feminin

!!! Tantric Language Of Love, Love, Love !!!

How's it goin people? So, where's your accent from? Are ya speakin loud, AND, clear when it comes to Love, Love, Love that is? Feel like there's times when your Cozy Comrade just doesn't comprehend your dialect at all? Well, if you’ve ever ran into a relationship rapport query (and who the hell hasn’t right?), your search to patch things up has probably led you to the infamous internal question of “What the hell is it that they want from me!!?” This IS a pervasive phrase because? Pay attention people; there's actually 5 Love Genres in the world of Tantra that we ALL MUST SUPREMELY be fluent in if you wanna do away with that wringer AND, bridge to LOVE! Soooooo, what precisely ISSSSSS

The Sexy Shake

Hola, Hola people! Wanna learn to instigate The Sexy Handshake? Awesome possums! So, what IS the best way to bond palms anyway; that ISSSSSS, when you first meet that within realm of possibility Love, Love, Loveaaaaaaa you're struck by? Sister's, brother's, that simple Horny Handshake WILL up your odds of getting a date, OR? A phone number!! I've been told that I shake hands like a F****IN Viking, THEN, when I softened it? I was accused of pullin paws like a Goddess damn limp Tilapia! Soooooo, when you first meet somebody you're drawn in to? Think about it grasshoppers! This WILL BE the first time you'll touch, AND, feel their skin. What kinda physical impression do you wanna le

!!! Sexuality Month !!!

Horayyyyyyyy people; this IS your Month to shine your Sexy identity in any way, Sexy ass shape, OR, F****IN form! Every year during the Sexuality stretch of June, the LGBTQ community celebrates in a colourful array of customs. Sister's and brother's all across the planet engage in various events as a way of recognizing the influence LGBT people HAVE had around our Glorious Gaia! So, why was June chosen anyway? Well, because it WAS when the Stonewall Riots took place, wayyyyyyy back in 1969; bunch of F***IN hippies, gotta Love, Love, Love them people!!! Not only IS this a Month long Sexuality jubilation, The Pride of June IS also the opening occasion to (key word) PEACEFULLY protest, AND,

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