The Science of Sexual Liberation

Hey there! How is your liberating sex life? Are you imprisoned, enslaved or severely restricted? If you said yes; you're in BIG trouble; and I mean DOUBLE! Being liberated comes in many forms; and you must know today, I want to express and get a handle on our sexual liberation. What is a sexually liberated human being anyway? And what is the reason we sometimes suffer in the hands of unenlightening sexual experiences? Every person has two sexual personalities. One is a carefree side. The other is a careless side. When one lives in their carefree side, they are guided by their Divine faculty. When we live in our careless side we are guided by our animal force. It is not the carel

Conscious Arousal

Hello sexy ones! Well, here I am again to guide you further into the place that I know, you all really want to go. We all get aroused. Yes, aroused with touch, smell, taste, touch, sight; but what do we do with this arousal? We prolong it is what we do. Not too sure how to do this? Let's look into this on a deeper level shall we. The sexual arousal of the ordinary man aims at plain old arousal, from the first sight of a woman. The way women dress, to the first touch; from the first physical contact to the stimulation of genital organs, which is what most of us think of first when we hear the word arousal. Basically, going for the jugular! This my friends is not true arousal at

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