The Feminine Bouquet

Hello all you sexy, sensational, savoury ambrosial followers! Brother's! How sharpened are your beak buds this week for trackin down that Female Pheromone? For all the Sister's out there? Let’s take an observant eye at your Queeny redolence shall we? Today you Lovely Lu Lu's, you're gonna find out how you CAN use your own DISTINCT persuasive tang to attract your potential intimate playmate, AND? Train that bloodhound to acquaint his snout to your beaten path! When we take a closer look at the natural incense In Women; it's actually gonna be easier peasier than you might think. Because of my brass tracks of being a Greek Goddess; I'm constantly dissecting words, for the sake of aiding

Down Time

Hey guys! When was the last time you headed DOWN TOWN? Well, I MUST say that hosting a guest underneath my sexy skirt line IS the dynamite part of any day! It's hands DOWN (tee hee) one of THE most delicious, reclining experiences a Ravishing Raven can have. BUT, (routinely) that's not always the case. It takes US Beauties 4 times longer to get comfortably content, AND, revved up when it comes to OUR sexual awakening. Sooooo, you brother's CAN NOT expect 10 minutes of lip AND tongue journeying; especially a half ass attempt, to rock OUR F***IN world, SO STOP DOING THAT! Obviously, every Goddess has a different set of preferences, BUT, (like clockwork) if you male species stick to my s

Pandora's Tent

Grasshoppers, guys in particular! When was the last time that you slept in tent big enough to hold all of your manly equipment? Yepper peppers, I'm talkin about your tool boxes boys, AND, believe it, OR, not brothers; your lovely lingam can be a scary F***IN monster! Listen, my Ladies; If your guy is well endowed and sex is arduous, OR, cozy cunnilingus is no checkerboard picnic table cloth; I have some sexy schemes to get you around it. Would you tend to believe that most of the time, our male playmates are often envious of their other kinsmen who have packed gunpowder in their holsters, BUT, (as my rule) the Goddess gospel ISSSSSS? We Girlfriends ARE happy with an average sized piece

Sexiness of Sinewy

Good Goddess day to all you grasshoppers! So, have you been maintaining that energetic, unyielding activity with your Divinely durable tree trunks lovelies? You're slippin you say? What's going on people!! Sisters, brother, get with the program with the sexiness of sinewy! Although I've only been disciplining my muscle training for a couple years now, I STRONGLY stand by it. Why? Because hoisting the goose IS beneficial, NOT just for you brothers out there, BUT, (til the cows return) you Girlfriends of ALL ages NEED to drill your maidens meaty muffins! Nothing grinds my gears more than when people say that Women should NOT lift weights because they'll get too bulky, look like a dude,

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