!!! Good Riddance 2018 !!!

Hey hey!! THIS IS MY FINAL SAY OF THE YEAR GRASSHOPPERS!!! Things are comin to a close Love, Love, Lovelies! I find that winding up on an old year, AND, navigating into a new one ACCELERATING!!! Why? Well, a New Year IS like a blank book, AND, the pen IS in our paws people! Sister's, brother's, this IS your chance to spawn an awesome story for yourself. As 2019 approaches us with hopes from scratch; here's wishing you, AND, your family a FANTASTIC year ahead! Oh, it's gonna be a doozy let me tell ya!! Every butt end marks a new point of departure; SOOOO keep your spirits, AND, determination unshaken, and I GUARANTEE you'll ALWAYS walk the glory road; I CERTAINLY DO! With advent

Merry Sexy Saturnalia

Happy Sexy Solstice everyone! That's right people; today we're all joyously (right?) jumping into winter!!! AND, what IS our most wonderful time of the year? Saturnalia of course! Yepper, peppers, held in mid December, ISSSSS an ancient Roman Pagan festival honouring the agricultural god Saturn. Saturnalia celebrations WERE the source of many of the unwritten laws we NOW associate with Christ Mas. Never heard of it? Shit, Saturnalia, WAS the most prominent gone fishin day on the now obsolete Roman menology! At the end of the year, Rome WAS the place to party let me tell ya! Social norms went out the F***IN window as the city took on a rather, carnivalesque atmosphere. Excessive dr

Flash Your Genitals

Hey you Sexually healthy happy, horny people! Say, any of you's out there consider yourselves exhibitionists? Well, if so, then you're much more connected than you know, to your ancient tribes shielding practices. Say what you say? The dusty 'ol term Apotropaic Genitals refers to occasions in which makin a spectacle outta your Love, Love, Love bits, OR, havin a pageantry of Female, OR, male crotches ARE deployed to fend off evil! The Greek tongue once again helps us dissect the English language on this one. The adjective Apotropaic comes from their lineage lips, Greek Apotrope, meaning to turn away. Go figure!! Exploring Ladies first shall we? As we already know, FEMALE Genitalia

Orgasmic Birth

Happy December people! Speakin about that tickled pink emotion? Let's roll out the ruby carpet to ALL new second chances for changing human evolution this coming year; by brewin up the tonic for orgasmic births? This week Love, Love, Loveassss, I'm compelled (as usual) to compose my Sacred Scrawl about THE Yoni massage, IN RELATION to the ways that we MUST nurture, AND, care for our Goddesses during the anticipation of wonder, makin the announcement of what that SURPRISE IS, AND, yepper peppers, to prepare NEW LIFE for an orgasmic start onto this Glorious Gaia of ours! I, AND, (I could give a rats ass of who doesn't) believe that honouring THE FEMALE body throughout the Gardening

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