Corona Sex

Surprise! I've resurfaced in the midst of it all!!! Distancing be damned I say!! People who insist on being stuck inside should be havin TONS OF SEX to combat the effects of the authorities forcing on us social distancing for the Global germ! The best solution if you’re holed up with your Loveaaaaaa, quarantined, ISSSS? Have a F*** fest!!!! Your Dakini's direct encouragement today ISSSSS??? You’ll live longer, AND, get rid of the FEAR that they're trying to clobber us with, which BTW, WILL lower your immune system, which IS what their agenda ISSSSSS!!!!!!! The timetable continues grasshoppers!!! And, weather permitting, some of ya's will make those INDIGO babies. It’s certainly b

Sexual Script

Hey you horny hornets! When it comes to SEX, which IS where we've come from; tell me, why do people act the way they do during the IT of IT ALL? In this week's rendering, I want you ALL to examine my thesis on THE Sexual Script. Included in this dissecting of the sort ISSSSSS, how rooted implants develop alongside society, AND, how they can influence individuals, AND, couples. Let's use Julie as a fictitious Woman who knows what the hell She wants, AND, runs right on after it! If She longs for a new job, She applies. She desires a vacation, Sooooo, She books a flight, AND, damn well goes! BUT, (common occurrence) when it comes to La La, Julie doesn't always go after what She REALLY ha

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