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Fiercely Feminine

Hey you happy, homesteaders! So, have we learned anything over the last 4 months? Is COVIID teaching the World anything at all???? Don't you see grasshoppers; it's been all about FORCING THE FEMININE in a catastrophic way, BUT (Pay attention) IT WAS FUCKING NECESSARY LOVEAAAAAS!!!! We as a World race have NOW (hopefully) THE greater need for collaboration, magnanimity of the heart, AND, above all???? RECIPROCITY!!!!! These my tribe, ARE all FIERCELY FEMININE TRAITS! Sink this into your beaners today my dear ones! Not only has our life in our dwellings been altered BACK to the Feminine platform, BUT, (Listen up) sloggin the Sexy grind HAS been completely shuffled forever by redefining the future for Matriarchal leadership once and for all! It’s DEFINITELY a FIERCELY FEMININE time for sure! During this (what I call) a silver lining, THAT'S JUST ABOUT TO REPOLISH ITSELF BTW, THE Feminine qualities of empathy, vulnerability, AND, expression ARE incredibly URGENT for the destine sustainability for Gaia, AND, businesses BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Intrinsically, The Effeminate conveyance during this BULLSHIT pandemic ISSSS gonna be much more heartening, as it damn well should be! Maneuvering through HER World with an iron fist IS NOT gonna F***IN work anymore? THAT'S NOT INSPIRING! It's a hardening of the BIG RED AFFECTION PUMP which AS YOU BETTER KNOW, has put us in this quandary! Look my followers, even if THE Famous Butterfly Effective denominator ISSSSS necessary to cultivate resourceful vision for our future to come, AND, foster kindred sponsorship; that’s only half of the Goddess damn story here! We already (well we better anyway) know that THE Feminine and masculine ARE yin and yang, right? They're BOTH prerequisites to achieving Sexy symmetry, and therefore? COOPERATION!!! BUT, (hello) when one IS off kilter (which has been for centuries), AND, the pendulum swings hard to one side (which HAS been the masculine disposition); that my friends, ISSSSS where the lopsidedness of pathetic pilotage in the World DISPLAYS TROUBLE (and I mean double), AND, faulty frequencies which has caused the Sexy Sphere to go HAYWIRE!!!! Hasn't been a pretty sight in my eyes!!! What about yours??? When those LADY LIKE rhythms and masculine ways of it all, ARE in cahoots TOGETHER, that’s what makes a great World spin in a Sensual synchronized manner!!!! AND? When WE ALL ACCEPT this? We WILL be considerate, AND, implementing for the next generation, human sympathy ALONG WITH warm communion. These tactics of demonstrative Goddess Genius Beastesses WILL achieve balance back into Mother Earth from PURE focus, AND, discipline! During this HERstoricial COVID event, the Female predication of territory association, engaged onus, AND, remarked rendition, ARE incredibly momentous for the morrow imperishable of our Planet, AND, the businesses that SHE procreates. Once again? This ISSSSS my friends, an EXTREMELY Fiercely Feminine Era! YOU SHOULD BE JUMPIN FOR JOY TO BE ALIVE IN THESE INCREDIBLE TIMES RIGHT NOW!!! AND? The results of this NEW TO BE balanced, oversight onward, extends BEYOND what YOU THOUGHT you knew about relationships OF ANY DESCRIPTION! Let me translate this into better Layman terms for you here. Insightful rapport Lovelies, ISSSSS the first vestige in mindful thinking, which BTW AGAIN, WILL BE the new modus to monetary worth, AND, detect authenticity when it comes to THE ALL KNOWING. If we can TRULY put ourselves in another's pair of shoes, AND FEEL THEM, AND I MEAN unmistakably echo their vibration, eye to eye; we're gonna be able to deliver much more considerate intentness that WILL minister reinforcement in this DISRUPTIVE WORLD THAT WE ARE FACING RIGHT NOW! My tears welled up with emotion!!!!!

It’s clear, to me anyway, (light bulb!) that this RUDIMENT, BUT, (Ta Da!) Gorgeous balance of treasured nurturing, ISSSS the right hand lead for successful human evolution to??? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LOVEAASSS! BUT, (again) how can this sweet spot be conceivably achievable to acquire you say? Well, being vulnerable to releasing yourself from the chains of masculine manipulation from within, AND, realign with the gentler, Sensual attributes that YOU KNOW you ALL have! AND? FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR GODDESS MENTOR LIKE A PROTEGE!!! Look grasshoppers, I wanted to get my cannonball bulletin out there today about COVID compassionate leadership, AND, I am COMPELLED as usual to teach as many of you as possible. Listen please, we’re ALL in this together. COVID isn’t just happening to some, it’s happening to F***IN everyone; AND, some are sustaining the processing of this UNIVERSAL LITTLE TRICK as a crisis, AND? STILL DON'T FUCKING GET IT, as to why, why, why IT HAS presented its ugly face!!!! As a birth born NATURAL commander of my own F****IN ship, who's navigated HER own JOURNEY into the unknown Feminine sea more than 30 years ago; I HAVE a wealth of knowledgeable routes to divvy out let me tell ya! I'm now hosting in person training sessions for men to take the initiative to retreat to their Feminine strength one by one, AND, learn how to do "THE WORK" necessary to break down conflict, AND, help them connect with their Feminine purpose AS A MAN!! That’s right, it's what I do, AND, it's what I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This boils right down into their Sexual properties! Oh ya!!! By retraining the male body to become the sponge of submission to an outstanding Goddess behaviour that WILL position them to experience TRUE FEMININE ESSENCE WILL not only BUST OPEN their all seeing peepers, BUT, (Listen up) land them into a world where real power and stamina reigns! A Woman's Sexual energetic field carries LAYERS UPON SLABS OF STOCKPILED PANELS of extraordinary knowledge MEN CRAVE TO ACCESS! Activities during my reward system programs for the "NEW TIMES" consist of SECLUDED naked nature meditations, Sexual meditation, guided Sexual breath work, AND, even eating preplanned nourishing food snacks during Sexual pleasure. It’s the ADAGE to my practice of putting Sensual (which IS the Feminine) components back into the MENTAL framework of the masculine Neuro plasticity structure to reinforce the male memory to become a BETTER MAN! Sooooo, if you give that some brow scratching with your index finger, it’s the perfect balance of the masculine’s focus of self with MY Feminine focus of the masculine Sexual aversion therapy!!!

Join the new paradigm, AND, stay strong during these MIRACULOUS TIMES OF TRANSITION Loveaaaaasss!!!


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